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Using GSAK


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I use it as a big database of caches in the areas I hunt in. Internally it is broken down into smaller databases but essentially it stores all of the info generated from my pocket queries. My PQs are updated weekly. I keep all cache info and changes, those that I have not found, those that I have found, disabled and archived. More like an offline version of GC.com. I will then make gpx files and send then to my PDA for paperless caching for field reference. I never delete anything.

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I got this and now am trying to figure it all out. Please help me. Do you keep all cache info here? Do you delete cache info after you find the cache, or keep it? How do you use GSAK? I mean, what all do you do with it, use it for, etc?

Maybe this is a question for the GSAK forums...


But I have a database of the area caches, and some other GPS-based games in separate databases. It's great for carving up the data - polygon filters, difficulty and terrain ranges instead of absolutes, all kinds of stuff.

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I have the default database that holds all my current 'unfounds' - that is to say what I get from my weekly 'not found' and 'solved puzzles' PQ's. I have a 'found' database where I keep the caches I've found after I've delted all logs, working notes, etc.


I generate a map from my 'founds' and i generate a map, my cachemate data, and populate my gizmo with my 'default' data.

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I keep all active caches within 100 miles, all my finds and all "easy" caches in states that I drive through with any frequency.


So I have 36000 caches in my main database. But with filters I can get to the information I want easily. And with more flexible use of routing filters and graphical displays I am able to plan trips much easier in GSAK.

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