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What's the oldest living geocacher you know of?


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I am 82 and the wife is 81. We are very active geocachers. This spring we finished caching in all of the lower 48, going to Hawaii the last of this month to celebrate out 60 wedding anv. by geocaching. Then visit our son in Alaska to finish up geocaching in all the states. BTW we will be finding our 2,000 cache in Hawaii. We just finished this week finding caches in all of Washington State Counties. Started geocaching just about six years ago in August of 2001. I also created and conduct a GPS Accuracy Game at the Spring Fling and GeoLuau since 2005. We do enjoy traveling and finding caches. I have lost three of my tendons attached to my right roto-cuff so I can no longer flyfish etc. but I can still drive an automatic shift vehicle. Dick, W7WT

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My grandmother went geocaching with me after she got out of the hospital, She is 89. We did one cache at a Cracker Barrel in Indianapolis. She enjoyed it so much that next spring (she will be 90) when she comes to visit family in CO. she wants me to drive down from Cheyenne and take her caching "for real"- her words. Amazing woman! :anicute::blink:

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There is a couple here that I believe are in their 70's that are VERY active cachers. And they don't seem at all afraid of the more difficult caches in the area either. From what I've seen, if you keep active, you keep healthy, even in your later years. And geocaching is a great way to keep active, so I'm not at all surprised that even older folks are participating.

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