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A 100 channel Realistic Scanner. I pretty much emptied all my swag into the cache it come out of.


I had to fix it up a bit, but I watched McGuiver way too much and it now it runs like new. I even hooked up an adaptor system so it can sit on my desk, or go out in the truck and have power.


It's on my desk now tuned into Memphis Center directing air traffic in my area. (I've heard aircraft up to 100 miles away.) And of course I listen to the Police.

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Wuddn't in the cache directly, but about 15 ft away yesterday we found a beer... 5.2%, in the can, can sparkly and shiny new :D


Beer now residing in the fridge awaiting the clock to hit a decent hour to be drinking beer ;)


but, but, but, it's ALWAYS Happy Hour somewhere! you just need to check your time zones. :D

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