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  1. www.radioworld.ca dealt with them at their brick and mortar, good service. bwmick
  2. I had that problem too then had the bright idea to make a custom poi file that I keep my owned cache coordinates in, as long as I have my gps I have the coords, so far it has worked well. bwmick
  3. cedar, has lots of property that helps it with longevity and smells nice too! I think that treating the wood could only make the cache less natural and easier to find in that a fallen log that has moisture beaded up on it doesn't really fit with nature. as others have said location will have as much to do with how well it lasts as waterproofing will. bwmick
  4. I can kinda understand the nitchy beighbour's response. I also have a narrow alley behind my property that is used as a walkway mostly by kids looking to have an inhale on one type of rolled substance or another. After a while it does start to be a nuisance. I will say that if a cache was placed behind my property and in view of my back window I would become suspicious that it was a dead drop of one sort or another, but if the CO took the time to tell me about and explain the game I would likely be okay with it as the influx of cachers may cut down on the number of kids smoking up. if the homeowner doesn't get it, move the cache as repeated calls to police will likely mean that they find the cache and then look for the CO to answer some questions. bwmick
  5. both units support custom maps, I was pleasantly surprised how easy they were to create and use.
  6. try contacting this guy--rbell01824 There is also a little facebook group you can look into http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#...?gid=2357485473 If you are ever in North bay let me know I'll go, Bryan
  7. Oh please. How could anything taken from that data be anything but flawed? Are we all forgetting that DeLorme only caters to the US crowd? If you want unbiased and actual FACTS, maybe trying to get data on US users only. If "some people" knew how to find actual and relevant FACTS, maybe others wouldn't NEED to argue. If you take only US numbers you fall prey to the isolationist politics that have caused a lot of international heartache from all quarters of the world throughout history. My country (insert country name here) is the only one that matters. I believe that in a few years the numbers may differ based on the fact that Gps devices become more activity oriented. I have decided not to upgrade my GPS60cx due to the fact that it meets my needs as well as any new gps on the market (geocaching is a small percentage of my usage) as more market specific devices become available the numbers will change. Having said that as of now the Garmin units are internationally the most predominant gps device used in the fine art of geocaching among reported users. Have a great day from someone outside the contiguous united states Bryan
  8. It should still be available as a bit torrent if you look up on the page I believe there may be some links. There has also been some discussion around the fact that Dale is almost ready to release a new version featuring new map data. good luck bryan
  9. I kayak with my 60cx. I have bungie on the front of the kayak tie the lanyard to centre cross of the strapping and use the belt clip to attach it where I can see it. works great. Bryan
  10. it is a beautiful trail, I have hiked most of it this spring. there are lots of big puddles but the smart people who designed it build side trails to get those of us on our feet around them safely. This is one of the nicest multi use trails I have used, the atvs are having fun with it, its nice to hike, but I am looking forward to riding my bike across it. Good Job TCT. bryan
  11. picked up three so far and plans to get 4 more in the next few weeks. bryan
  12. i am not getting more mature, just older, ask anybody that knows me. I have decided to change the way I play by changing my focus from seeker to that of hider. My friends and I enjoy the challenge of finding a good walk/paddle/snoeshoe and then placing caches at the best points that we can find. I want people to enjoy the journey, not just grab a smile for their collection. most of my finding is done while I travel, I will load my gps and when I need a break I look for a nearby cache and have a look. short easy finds are just fine when that happens, but I am a little too shy to enjoy anything too public. not sure whether maturity has any sway at all, I think it is just that no matter how hard I try to clear the first page of the caches nearest it never happens (likely because I always tell it not to show finds.) enjoy the journey. bryan
  13. Remember that the coordinates are only as good as the ones posted. And 0.001 minute of latitude is 6 ft, getting more precise than that is rather pointless. Unless you want to go around irritating all the cache owners in your area by correcting their coordinates to 4 decimal places each time you make a find, I'd say something with the precision of a 60CSX, eTrex HC / HCx series and equivalent would be good enough. If the cache owners get irritated, it may be because they feel inadequate. Different situations cause different feelings in different people. Newer devices that can demonstrate useful acquisition to the 4th dec. should be encouraged; catering to lowest (common) denominators is not a method towards increasing achievement, quite the opposite actually. Norm I don't mind people correcting coords if they are way off, but if they are only a little bit I wonder why the user felt the need to correct. I always try to remember that the worst case scenerio is to add my error to your error and that number is as close as I should expect to get. It is great when the gps takes you right to the spot. on the days I don't zero in it doesn't mean my gps was way off, it may mean that our gps's were both off a little and created a discrepancy outside your comfort zone . even with WAAS i never expect my gps to get me closer than about 15 feet. lots of times it does, but it is never expected. bwmick
  14. mine doesn't have a dgps feature but does offer waas support (i believe it is same thing just different initials) bryan
  15. my understanding is that the zumo 550 does have a paperless geocaching mode. I have been wondering about one for my bike too. ( I have a 60cx but the bigger screen might be better when you are going down the road.) bryan
  16. my understanding is that the zumo 550 does have a paperless geocaching mode. I have been wondering about one for my bike too. ( I have a 60cx but the bigger screen might be better when you are going down the road.) bryan
  17. I have one that is energizer branded came with two lithium batteries (which it recommends using) but it has several tips available http://www.thesource.ca/estore/Product.asp...product=2310591 it seems to work well with alkalines, but lithium do last a lot longer (who knew) Bryan
  18. some indeed seemed no better placed than a trow away micro, others in my area however, where placed in spots that were inspired. now, whos up to help cito 298 cache boxes?
  19. mostly used for trail mapping and record keeping - sometimes you don't realize how nasty the hills were until you see the profile view. tracks are kept for hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and various road experiences. also used on a more limited basis for helping get around unfamiliar cities. bryan
  20. Rocanda's comprehensive collection of rural roads has the entire Western Canada LSD grid on it - meridians, townships and ranges. For Oil & Gas and other applications- on SD card!> found this info here http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/colorado-300.html I would guess that the rocanada maps have the info you need and are usable on the garmin units (colorado and oregon at least) bryan for even more info go here http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/rocandaWCMAP.htm edit to add second link
  21. first choice of whatever got put in, and yes ftf always gets first choice.. I have considered a gift card or other like item but I don't think I would call it a prize just a slightly better quality if swag. bryan
  22. this is a known issue with the blue legend. the connection to the screen sometimes gets wonky and does this. if you are brave you can find home fixit instructions on the web or you could call garmin and ask what they can do for you. Bryan
  23. I haven't had to use it yet but have seen it used http://www.emhart.com/products/helicoil.asp and it might work. Bryan
  24. I haven't seen them yet but garmin has some new topo on sd cards by province. it seems like it may be newer data than the cd set. bryan
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