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Cache in top of Tree

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I'll chime in on this topic since I did a tree climb that if I fell would have put me into a river.




Oh, by the way. When doing something like this take a cell phone or a two way radio in case you do injure yourself.

Just make sure everything is waterproof, so you can call for help while drifting down the river. :ninja:

...and in easy reach in case of limited mobility...

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Recently I went to a cache that was about 60 feet up in a large pine tree...Maybe I just chickened out and didn’t want to risk my life... Who could be held liable if an accident occurred while climbing a tree? Land Owner, Cache Owner, or person climbing the tree.

I must say that the person at fault would be the person climbing the tree. If you stick your hand in a blender and turn it on, would you sue the manufacturer of the blender for not intentionally saying, "don't put your hand in the blender, stupidhead."


Heck, I climbed probably 60' up a pine tree to retrieve a frisbee we chucked up there accidentally whilst playing disc golf.


Money we would have lost if we had to buy a new frisbee: $15

Minimum amount of money you should spend on tree-climbing gear: $45

Logging on a geocache in a difficult-to-climb tree: _PRICELESS_

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the trouble is that these days people are too busy looking for the person to blame for things.


sorry don't mean a personal attack on the OP but why ask the question? unless the placer has sawn half way through the trunk or booby trapped the route up in some way then how could it be anyone's fault other than your own if you hurt yourself?


the only problem lies with the fact that people will try to take you to court, lose the case but in the process cost you to defend yourself.


if you don't feel comfortable trying something, anything from country dancing to swimming with sharks then don't do it.


AMEN ! Took the words right out of my keyboard!! Why must we always blame someone else for our own stupidity?

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Who needs tree spikes or climbing rope for climbing a pine tree? It's like climbing a ladder. Besides using tree spikes on a life tree to find a cache is a very bad idea.




I thought you were referring to all tree caches. I spoke to a certified arborist, and he told me that tree spikes are harmless on a "thick barked" trees Ropes are the best method though, and so are the radio controlled monkies issued to the platinum members.



OK, now you're just giving it away.


there is no platinum club. there is no platinum club.. there is no platinum club...

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... I would assume some of the liability.



Regrettably that kind of thinking is becoming prevalent in American society. Worse it is becoming common to reward people for getting hurt while doing stupid things.


If you won't take responsibility for YOUR OWN actions, why should someone else be assigned as your keeper?


Should you attempt that climb and get hurt, I suggest putting the blame on your parents for not teaching you RESPONSIBILITY.

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... I would assume some of the liability.


You assume ALL of the liability. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to take the risk.


I'm always climbing up/out on something that can get me hurt or killed. So far, there's only been one that I flat refused to do. It would have had me out above a very fast-moving river, with minimal means of support. If I get hurt, I'm not gonna sue the cache placer. He/she took the same risk. It's not their fault if gravity decides to work a little better on me that day.


If it looks dangerous, given the abilities that you know you have, then it probably is dangerous.


Just because someone places a difficult cache, you don't have to go get it. It's OK to walk away from it.

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Seems to me that from a practical standpoint a cacher who wanted to sue for injuries received while seeking a cache would have an uphill struggle. The personal-injury lawyers who work on a contingency-fee basis would want a big payday, which would require a defendant with deeper pockets than some private individual. But assuming that the cacher got such a lawyer or paid the fees out of his own pocket, the defendant probably wouldn't settle quickly and quietly the way that many corporations are reputed to do. He'd fight.


If anyone reading this thread today finds himself on the receiving end of a frivolous lawsuit brought by someone who injured himself seeking a cache, I suggest setting up a legal defense fund and posting contribution details here. I, for one, would contribute.

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Two words...


(Say it with me now)


Personal Responsibility.


Exactly the same two words that kept rolling around in my head (lots of rolling room in there).


I have to say that my jaw literally dropped when I read the OP. I can't even begin to understand this sort of thinking. Some of the responsibility? Some?


As I'm now in my mid 40s I'm getting all of those little aches and pains (and some not so little) that remind me of all the things I did over the years that didn't work out so well. Never once did it ever occur to me to sue or blame someone else for what I did to myself.

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