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  1. From the CDC website "If you are fully vaccinated, you can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic. Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance." https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html
  2. For many geocachers, a highlight of a visit to Seattle is to visit Geocaching HQ and earning a special icon for visiting GCK25B, Geocaching Headquarters. Obviously, HQ has been closed for over a year due to the pandemic. At the time of this writing, HQ remains closed as is the ability to earn the HQ icon. Should Geocaching place a temporary cache outside the building for cachers to sign until they are ready to open up their offices. This seems like a no brainer. If you check the cache logs, you will read so many frustrated cachers who are visiting HQ and not able to earn the icon. What do you think?
  3. Should there be some minimum number of finds before a new geocacher is allowed to hide their own geocache? Recently in my area, we have had difficulty with brand new cachers hiding caches and not quite knowing how the game works. This includes caches being published before the new cachers actually get out to place the cache, terrible coordinates which are far off, or cache containers such as cardboard boxes. In all these cases it seems like lack of geocaching experience seems to be the problem. This could be solved by not allowing geocachers to publish caches until they have some experience to know how the activity works. Perhaps you could not publish a cache until you had 50 or 100 finds. What say you?
  4. Mortal Sin is claiming a find when you did not find the cache AND sign the log. What irks me the most is when hiders do not maintain their caches. They allow DNF, after DNF, after DNF, and do not disable or check on the cache.
  5. I live in Colorado where it can frequently snow. I have found many caches with the "available in Winter" attribute which turn out to be lamp post hides or caches hidden in rock crevices which both get covered in snow. To me, the "available in Winter" attribute suggests that the cache is hanging or in a spot that can not be covered in snow. There is no official description of this attribute from Groundspeak. Our Facebook group Geocaching Colorado: GCCO has had varying opinions of this attribute. What say you?
  6. Recently I have noticed that as the popularity of geocaching has increased the notion of cache size has gotten fuzzy. I am seeing people create caches that are the size of 35mm film containers labeled as small. I consider the cache size as being the size of the container that contains the log. I have found several caches where people will take a micro cache, drill a hole in a branch/log, and claim the cache is regular size. I contend that the cache is still a micro because the log is contained in a micro. If I attach a micro to a bench that does not make the cache a large size. What say you?
  7. While not the oldest unfound cache, GC2BXAE Got to Get Down to Get Up, has not been found since published on 7/17/2010. It is located in Brandon, Florida near Tampa Bay. I am one of the 143 logged NDF'ers. I can't wait until this one is found. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2BXAE_got-to-get-down-to-get-up?guid=52b87195-50c3-494e-b51f-a159baaed35d
  8. When logging a trackable that we found, we used to be able to upload a picture it. I know I can upload a picture of the trackable on the individual geocache page where it has been picked up or placed in. Are we able to upload a picture of the trackable which appears on the trackable page? Part of the fun of having a trackable is seeing pictures of all the places it has visited. Can this still be done?
  9. I'm sad to see c:geo go. I have been a premium member for several years and bought the official Geocaching app for android the day it was released. That being said, c:geo was still my go to app. It has been and continues to be an all around superior product. I'm not sure how this one individual has kept it going for so long. I love the live map feature. I can bring up a map and scroll around to see geocaches in any area I choose. The official app only will show a limited number of caches. I hope the offical app learns from the success of c:geo and continues to improve.
  10. I have used Garmin's for geocaching for almost 5 years. I have to say that I have now switched to geocaching with my Android Incredible for finding almost all caches. The only time that I am not using my Android phone is if I am going into the deep woods or caching for an extended time. Although there are pros and cons for each, I can't ever see myself buying a dedicated GPS receiver and paying for maps again. The smartphones are a game changer.
  11. Within GSAK you can create as many databases as you like. You can either load all of the PQ's into one large database or create a new database for each area you will visit. If you will download more caches than your GPS unit will hold then you may want to create seperate databases for each part of your trip. If not then I would just have one big database. Good luck.
  12. I have found that the back and forth motion of the arm when running can throw off the signal and result in a inaccurate distance. I also have a belt clip that can be used. If I want to measure out a running route I will hold the GPSr steady and bike it.
  13. I have had two eTrex units in the past 5 years. The rubber siding came off of both of them in perhaps a year. I always have reglued them back on. They have spent little time in the car but in Florida it only takes once. Still, it is a persistent problem with these units.
  14. I have found almost 3000 caches and my cache vision still comes and goes. While it is true that I do not often come across cache types that are "new to me" sometimes I still have trouble with the ones right in front of my face. When the challenge is gone I don't want to do this anymore. With that being said, some afternoons I do question myself when finding skirtlifter after skirtlifter. Why am I doing this?
  15. I need to get a new phone in short order and the fact that there is an offical Android app out soon is a major selling point for me. HURRY UP AND RELEASE IT. I can't wait for the real time caching. Thanks
  16. My gosh, I am so offended. How in good conscience can you mention the word god here in these forums? I am calling ACLU and filing a grievance.. I respect the right of everyone to be offended.
  17. Let's say that you have been crowned the God (or Goddess) of Geocaching. What would one of your 10 commandments be? I will start us off with one. "Thou shalt not use the words right or left in cache descriptions." I troubles me to see descriptions like "just over the fence" or "to the right of the trail". Those are all dependent on what direction you care coming from. Come on folks, we all have GPS's. How about saying "East of the fence" or "North side of the trail?" That's just one commandment. Add your own.
  18. CN is a great product but I think that I am done with $100 for maps. Now a day you get a new Garmin car GPS for the price of the maps.
  19. I have used CacheMate to cache paperless with my Palm phone for years. Most people use CacheMate with gpx files to be able to cache paperless. You still need a gpx file to load into it. Unless there is a feature that I am totally unaware of I do not think that you can use CacheMate to go to a brand new area and search for caches over a wireless network.
  20. I currently have a Garmin Vista HCX. I am ready to get a new unit or update maps. I don't want to throw down $400-$500 for a new Oregon or Dakota which only hold 1000 caches and still spend another $100 for maps. Garmin has out priced themselves for me. I may be looking at getting the new Magellian Explorist GC which hold 10,000 caches includes maps (non-route able) for only $200. I would eventually get a dedicated car GPS for directions and POI's. Spending $100 for routable maps is no longer something I can stomach when I could get a new car unit for that. I hope that competition or smart phone applications will drive down the cost of the Garmin products.
  21. I currently have a Garmin Vista HCX. After a day of caching when I go home to log my finds I go to the calender icon on my GPSr and it will display all my found caches (opened treasure boxes) by the day that I found them. How does the new Magellan GC show your found caches? Will it sort by found caches? Can you view caches by the date you found them? I have read differing reports of this. On a long road trip it will be important to view caches that I have found by date so I can log them correctly. How does the GC accomplish this? Thank you for your input.
  22. I am almost at the point of buying one as well. I also have a reservation about the map issue. I'm not sure I want to get a new GPSr if there is no way to update maps. There has been alot of chatter about future models. I wonder how long the public will have to wait to see if this is true?
  23. I have found a cache like this in the past. I live in Florida and the cache had you call a pay phone in Michigan. The phone booth had a geocaching sticker in it with the Florida cache's correct coordinates on it. The trick was getting someone on the other end of the phone. I called hundreds of times and eventually was able to get someone to answer. The cache was called "Phone A Friend? in Michigan" GC1C4BC if you are interested. Good luck.
  24. My brother and I have invented a fictional character who I feel a little guilty about. The character is a geocacher called "Cache Chucker." When Cache Chucker finds a cache he signs the log and throws or chucks the cache as far as he can while yelling "Cache Chuckerrrrrrr." Then when he logs the cache he writes "Another cache found by Cache Chucker." If some disgruntled cacher did this they could wipe out the caches in any town. I feel dirty for putting words to these evil thoughts.
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