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caches being muggled

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OK you have found two caches that have been muggled. What to do about a muggle cache is up to the cache owner, not the finder. When one of mine gets muggled I move it about 50 feet.


In the case of a cache that is targeted to be muggled, there is not a lot anyone can do.

I had three of my caches come up missing a week after I deleted a "Found it" log from one on my caches that a high number cacher placed after he said he could not find my cache so he placed a replacement. Gee right after he found three on mine they came up missing. What are the odds that he just happened to be the last person to find them. I guess when you have over 10,000 finds it goes to your head.


But I am Italian and payback is a b#*&h


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Uh....JackMerlin?... :D According to your profile, you've only found 2 caches. Period. You found 2 caches and you already want to change the system? You want to maybe give geocaching a month or two, maybe get a couple of decent caches under your belt and THEN maybe we can talk about changes?


I haven't had any problems with muggled caches. Bad weather, yes. But not too many problems with nongeocachers. Even if there was a problem, there isn't anything you can do about muggles. They are just people and have every right to the world as everyone else. If a cache is getting vandalized by muggles, then the problem is the hiding place, not the muggles.




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If a cache is getting vandalized by muggles, then the problem is the hiding place, not the muggles.

Not always, there are people that will set out to muggle a cache. One more thing that I do if I need to replace one of my caches, Once the replacement is in place at it's new location I change it to a members only cache for a few months.

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I haven't been at this all that long, but I can pretty much guess that if JackMerlin is this upset about 2 muggled caches, he's up for alot of disappointment.


From what I gathered, muggling is a risk taken when hiding a cache, and it's up to the hider to do a better job of hiding, and the cacher of being a bit more discrete when muggles are nearby.

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i have found 3 caches 2 which have been muggled and

1 moved! :laughing:


I can't tolerate this we some system that will stop this if you have one tell me now :anibad:

or people check there cache regularly


over to you :blink: suggestions


I don't know about anyone else, but I reacted very negatively to this post. I think it was "I can't tolerate this" that turned me off. And I think the reason it turned me off is that we are all supposed to be helpful and friendly in these forums, and the post struck me personally as being rude and demanding.


Not trying to start a flame war here. It occured to me that the OP may not realize why some people are reacting very negatively and might want to know.

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As I pointed out in another of his posts, I think that JackMerlin is a kid. He's probably gone caching with his family and heard them complain about muggled caches. Now he's got his own account and wanted to discuss the situation.


I don't think he meant any offense by it.



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It took me a couple of years, but then one Fall I had a lot of muggle trouble. Odds are it will happen. However if you place your cache well, then the odds get better, time gets longer. Most micros have bigger problems because most micros are in high-traffic areas - they get hunted more often, greater chance to be noticed.

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I am new to geocaching as well. I have been fortunate not to have run into any muggled caches, I am a photographer who has gotten into geo caching, there have been a few times that there have been curious bodies around while I am trying to find or log a cache, just pulling out my camera seems to satisfy there curiosity.

I have not been caught in the act of pulling out a cache or having one in hand while logging it, so i have not had the opportunity to explain about geo caching and try and convert a muggler to a geo cacher. I recently found a cache that the local forest service officer had found without a gps and logged an entry.


My thoughts on a muggled cache would be; move the cache to a safe spot, contact the owner and give him the new coordinates and explain what had happened.


If you post this in your log, other cachers will see it and know to wait until the owner has fixed the cache.


Moderators, if this is not an appropriate way to handle a muggled cache, please correct me and let me know a better alternative.

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