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Looking for a challenge

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I know this technically doesn't count (at least compared to say the Catskills stuff that Briansnat mentioned), but given what you're asking if you're ever down in NY City you just have to go to this one:




It's short, but steep. You won't believe you're within the boundaries of New York City (in fact, you're technically on Manhattan Island!).

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If you ever get over along the Genesee River, between Mt Morris (Letchworth SP) and the PA border, drop me a line. I can give you a heads up on quite a few. Most are intermediate hikes, of not much more than a mile or three, but I seem to be expert at turning these into long, 7 to 10 mile, all day hiking adventures...LOL

I usually end up taking routes and seeing scenery 95% of cachers who do them, never see.

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