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To Gruesome, To Scary

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I want to make a cache box that is really cool and interesting that I think people will get a kick out of. I was even thinking about name the cache "Need a Hand."


So my idea is to take a normal ammo container and then connect a fake arm to it and attach a skull to the ammo container and find a nice stump or hole to place the cache into so you kind of have to pull it out by the hand on the arm. Now I order 4th quality skeleton pieces on the internet and they look realistic, but look as if they are bleached white. I can make the skeleton look like a rotting corpse arm too. Those are two options rotting corpse arm or bleach white arm. With the rotting corpse arm it would make better camo.


Now my biggest concern is, when either a geocacher finds it or if for some reason a muggle stumples upon it and calls the police thinking it is a real skeleton. I am not as worried about the geocacher since they are obviosly looking for my cache and I could put some type of hint or disclaimer on the page, but a muggle. I know of a very good place in the canyon down by where I live, and not many people go where I would place it and it would be well off the trail.


What does everyone think, should I go ahead with it or decide not to do it.

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I've found 6 caches so far that were disguised as, or had body parts attached to. My favorite was in a hole in a tree about 7 feet up. You couldn't really see in the hole, you just had to reach in and grab. When you come out holding hands with, well, a hand, it is a bit of a shock. A film can was shoved in the bloody "cut" end.

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Go for it!


A friend hid a 'tribute cache' for me like this.


I lost a leg and cache on crutches, so of course he hid this cache way the heck up on the highest mountain in the area.


I struggle my way up to it, no idea what it is, and see a shoe under this big flat rock. I pulled on the shoe and this leg starts coming out!


I dropped the thing and about fell on my fanny until I realized that I had been had and that it was a fake leg!


Great stuff!

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Wow, that sounds like an AWESOME idea. Just be sure the bomb squad doesn't blow it up. :laughing:


Can I steal the idea for an urban micro hidden inside a fake finger?


It brings to mind the scene from the movie Blue Velvet where the main character finds an ear in a field. He brings it to the police and tells them, "Uh I found an ear". An absurdly funny moment.


I've been thinking about a scarey night cache that would somehow trigger a sound, maybe an air hissing sound or something, from behind the cacher when he/she opened it. Maybe some body parts would add to the fun.



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To all those that replied and any of those who are interested, here is my now work in progress and hopefully be able to post it soon. I figured posting pictures now won't really be much of a spoiler, but I think I should show you and please don't make fun of my spray painting, I screwed it up, that is why it is a work in progress.






It is a picture of the whole thing and then the hand itself.

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