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GSA Coin Contest # 3

The Geo-Secret Agent

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THE WINNER lindsychris


Last night I was buzzing through the posts and The Master 11 wanted to know what my favorite beverage is.

I asked if we needed another contest to find this out and there were enough responses to make it a neccessary thing.


My favorite beverage doesn't seem to be a very difficult answer to come up with so I need to try something else.


I personally loved the music of the 80's and still do for that matter. I have one particular song that has remained a favorite of mine throughout the years.


To win GSA Coin #006 please answer the following question:


What is the name of the song and artist from the 80's that I have chosen as my favorite?


Post your answers here, please don't flood my profile email, thanks.

The answer must be 100% correct.

Please no 2 time winners or person who has one of my coins and as many other coin people ask, please don't sell the coin on ebay.


Hint # 1: Let's not start with a hint. They will come as needed.

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Winner of the KS sunshine micro is 501 Gang!


Just to keep the fun going, I'll offer a 2007 Kansas sunshine micro coin (i know, hardly compares to the GSA), for the first to guess MY favorite song...


here's your hints:


It's from the 90's

It's a group, not an individual singer

The band members are all male

the band name has "The" in the name, and so does the song

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