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What's the fastest mph you have seen on your GPS?

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128 MPH on an Amtrak train somewhere between Washington, DC and Newark, NJ.

Heh, your looking at your speed on a Global Positioning satellite, and you do not know your 'Position' within a 250 mile span? :(


I was sking in the French Alps 2 weeks ago and recorded 69.4 mph whilst on a Blue slope. I probably would have gone faster but I lost control and crashed in a sensational way ! was unhurt and beat my sons attempt when he achieved 64mph.

My daughter said that I was probably going faster, as the GPS only records horizontal distance travelled and does not take into accountthe vertical element as well. Anyone got any thoughts on this matter? ;):rolleyes:

I use a Palm TX with a bluetooth GPSr, One of the programs I have has an option to 'Calculate speed and distance on Altitude and Position'

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Only about 425 or so on a flight from Omaha to Chicago. Not bad considering that you're only "up top" for a short time between the takeoff and beginning your descent. It was even more cool because I had a airplane-propeller travel bug along for the ride. Southwest is cool about allowing GPS use -- the passenger next to me was a bit more concerned though.


For you that have had governor experiences with your vehicles -- lucky you. My work vehicle tops out at 60mph. On my more impatient days I'm leaning halfway across the steering wheel by the time I get home. Yah, mule! I guess it's a good thing, though. Once the governor wasn't working until about 66mph. You know that point in "Back to the Future" -- the moment the car hits 88mph and all hell breaks loose? Yep, been there. :lostsignal:



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Just got home from a flight from LAX back to Milwaukee. Just before I had to put my GPSr away, The Captain hit 600 mph. We were just over DesMoines Iowa and he was putting the pedal to the metal at 32500' !!

It was Midwest Airlines. Great flight.......

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On another note: My Garmin and my truck's speedometer never agree. The garmin reads a few percent lower, consistently. I bought the off-road package. Maybe it's a big tire thing? It's a stock option though, so I would hope that the speedometer would be accurate. Go figure...

At least one auto manufacturer is being sued for setting the speedometers 5% fast. This gets you to your "out of warrenty" milage 5% quicker, or it gets you to premium miles on your lease quicker and 5% more of them.


On the plus side, if you believe your speedo, it will keep you from getting tickets as well.

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