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REALLY BAD Cache Placement.

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Pretty soon folks in Boston are going to get tired of everything being pointed out as a bomb. Thats when someone will be able to plant one and get away with it. :(


In the immortal words of the Kinks.... "paranoia, they destroy ya'"



I think it's "paranoia WILL destroy ya"

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heh...reminds me of one of my caches. It's a multi hidden in a state park. At the entrance of the park there's one of those boxes that counts traffic coming in and out.


One of the first people to go searching for the cache spotted the box at the entrance and figured it was the final. He told me he stood there and tried everything to pry it open before giving up.


I guess he could have just blown it up! :(



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I was looking at the links from Sissy and CR and saw this ... too funny :(


MD Radio Station Pays $19,000 For Booby Brown

(WBZ) ATTLEBORO Bobby Brown is out of jail -- apparently thanks to a Maryland-based radio station.


The link that had that link was here.


Lower right side under More Local News... Sorry this is off topic... but it sprang from here

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From the previous threads i thought it would be interesting if someone moving to Boston with all his household belongings in a Ryder® truck might have an urgent "call of nature", park the truck downtown (perhaps in a bus stop in front of the courthouse or something), exit the truck and RUN across the street (to the McDonalds john).


I am sure this would make illegal parking a capital offence in Baaston (it is probably a felony anyway). :P:laughing::laughing:

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Confucious Cat has obviously never been to Boston. You would never be able to find legal parking for a Ryder truck anyway. :P

Most neighborhoods have a resident permit parking program that according to some sources is 30-50% oversubscribed.

You should see some of the territorial behavior there in snow season! :laughing:

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