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Multi-Function Hats

Clue Seeker

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Recently I was given a baseball style cap with two LEDs integrated into the bill. It was very usefull while signing logs in the dark. During a road trip with my father we began a wish list as to what the ULTIMATE had would feature. Since that discussion several items have slipped my mind but I'll start the list with what I can remember.


Assume you had the full technical support of the US Government, MI6, Lincoln Labs, MIT, and perhaps some of the more liberal schools on the left coast.


1. LED Lights

2. Heat sensor (for spotting cachers huddling around GZ during your approach)

3. Flip down monicle providing mag bearing, elevation (handy for a host of reasons)

4. Range finder

5. NVG and IR emitter (night caching made easy)


6. Washable!

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3. Flip down monicle providing mag bearing, elevation (handy for a host of reasons)

Bluetooth external GPS antenna and solar cells to power it.

Funny you should say this. I've thought about a bluetooth monicle that could give you readings from your gps, pda, cell phone or whatever. Imagine caching with your HUD, when your cell starts ringing. A subtitle below your pointer shows the caller ID. Cachemate (the newer newer not invented version) recognizes that the caller is the cache owner and pops up another window alerting you to this fact...the possibilities are endless. Of course, in the given example, you'd probably trip on a root because you weren't watching where you were going... :rolleyes:

Of course, having no idea how to impliment such a device, I'll just have to wait til someone else invents it. So, if someone reads this and builds such a thing, I want one! And for all the money you'll make off my idea, I think you could give me one! :rolleyes:

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I'd have the hat use wireless to conect back to geocaching.com, so that i could just turn on my hat, it would acces the database, and then use the built in GPSr to get me to the nearest cache. then when i have found the cache, i could just push that little button that is already installed on the very top of all ball caps, and the ball cap would again connect to geocaching.com and log the cache as found and type "TFTC"


then i could just "rinse and repeat" untill i have found my fill of caches for that day!


yep, i am lazy

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Well, its not space age or top secret.....but....I bought a hat a couple years ago. It's water/wind proof with a pull-down fleece liner that converts into earmuffs. Got it for fishing, primairly, but works great for any activity when it's cool out. It's made by columbia, I got it from sierratradingpost.com or maybe campmor.com, but I don't see it at either site currently.

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I'm perfectly happy with my existing tin foil hat. It does an outstanding job of preventing the "gubment" from reading my thoughts and controlling my brainwaves.


not to mention the aliens! BTW Very few people know this, but it you include one of those old-fashioned Melmac bowls underneath the tinfoil, and a slight current (car battery should do), the hat actually acts as a police scanner so you canhear when "The man" is onto you...


But you didn't hear it from me...


In fact, I as never here...




P.S. Back on topic, in the OP's post my favorite feature - washable - priceless

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Man, I thought my trusty ball cap with a patch of Velcro sewn on top to attach my GPSr’s external antenna to be high-tech. But, I can just toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher to wash it when dirty.


I used to have one of those...that is...until I got a 60csx. I seldome have any use for the external now.



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