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  1. I used to have one of those...that is...until I got a 60csx. I seldome have any use for the external now. };-{)>
  2. Mmmmm, mine came standard with a psychotic locater. It found me and now leads me to Geocaching events...I guess this means it works. };-{)>
  3. Email sent. Thank you, sir, for caring. };-{)>
  4. I don't post often but I noticed you are from the Nashville area. February 4 is a little off in the future but I'd recommend attending this (GCQQ0E Geocaching Adventure) event at Warner Park. Bring the family as this is a kid friendly event. This is hosted periodically by Warner Parks who has been great supporting our sport / past time. Usually, folks from the local club, MTGC come and help new folks hunt a few caches in the park. Also, that brichure everyone talks about...well, that's the ticket. Especially if you are nervous about beginning an explanation into Geocaching. This thinge gets you through the worst of the initial intimidation and breaks the ice for further conversation. Hope to meet you out on the cachin trail sometime. Also check out some of the other MTGC events. Folks in the club are good folks and always looking to bring along new cachers. };-{)>
  5. Ok. I did the lawn mowing bit. I was even gonna create a cache. I just didn't think this kinda offset would get many visitors. Other than this, I usually use it to show me the way to the nearest Super Walmart. So sayeth my wife.
  6. Brad, sorry this may be late. I havn't kept up to date with this thread the way I should. I found the Magellan Sportrak case made of neoprene and plastic is almost a perfect fit for the 60cs and it's reasonably priced. Check it out. It may be just what you want. Works for me.
  7. If you upload two or more Mapsource products covering the same area, only one will be displayed. There is a heirachial order, unless you disable the higher priority mapset, it will be displayed. City Select is highest, followed by Metroguide, etc. I currently have City Select v6 and Topo in my CS and City Select v5 and roads and rec in my Vista.
  8. My most special compliments to both Clyde and Robert for the awesome job on the USB support. I've not yet tried going back to a serial download to my Vista, but the USB works great with my 60cs and using WinXP with Sp2 installed. Lotsa kudos to you fellas!!
  9. I've experimented with several home made mounts, but I am most satisfied with Garmin's bean bag mount. Just my humble opinion.
  10. Load both map sets at the same time. Then to switch between the two, access the map setup menu.
  11. The Magellan Sportrak case is an almost perfect fit. I've been using one for some time now.
  12. I believe this is the case. My 60cs remembers 40% or my last selection whenever the backlight is again selected. Although I haven't checked yet, I believe if you select "stays on" and power off. Upon powering on with battery, the backlight will be off until you activate it using the pwr switch or menu. Then it stays on until you turn it off again. If you power on with an AC power cord, the unit remembers your backlight setting and comes on at that setting. -- That's probably about as clear as mud.
  13. I agree with the TOPO remarks but use of contours help immensely. I've also used Metroguide v3.0, Metroguide v5.0, and City Select North America v5.0. Both 5.0 versions have pretty recent road work depicted and are fairly accurate.
  14. Something I came across is UTM from the GPS not matching what was on the map. Took a little while then remembered the spheroid setting in the GPS has to match the map I was using. Geocaching primarily uses WGS84. Some military maps may have something like Clark 1886 or others. Just something to keep in mind.
  15. Regarding accuracy, I think one thing to consider is if you are using the GPS primarily for Geocaching, those that are placing the caches are not using as accurate a GPS as the one you describe. I currently own a 60cs and love it. My first GPS was a Vista. I have no experience with Maggies at all.
  16. Anytime! Yes, they are amazing. I really really like mine.
  17. I'm not sure whether Garmin has roads and recreation for the UK vicinity. What you might be most interested in is City Select Europe? Metroguide isn't designed to auto-route with the 60cs but the City Selects are supposed to be compatible. The North America version works well.
  18. How do you switch between Topo and City Select if you have both loaded for a certain area? From the map setup menu, select the information icon. Select menu, then select "Show US TOPO". That should switch to the installed TOPO sections. Use this menu to select the other choices. From the information icon you can check or uncheck individual map sections by scrolling up or down and checking / unchecking the blocks. Hope this helps. Wild_Bill
  19. I too have only used the Garmin Topo mapset. Within the 60cs I currently have both TOPO and City Select North America for the same area. The ability to switch between the two is really nice and there is enough memory in the 60cs to allow reasonable coverage with both mapsets. Granted, you can only view one mapset at a time but the switch is relatively easy. If I haven't told everyone, I'm really impressed with the 60cs. All the things that weren't quite right about the eTrex Vista, they fixed in the 60cs.
  20. For those looking for a neoprene case that has a clear window in front that will fit the 60c and 60cs. I purchased the neoprene case for the Magellan Sportrack this past weekend and it is very nearly a perfect fit. For those looking for something a little stiffer but no window, try the Niteize product. I own several of these including one for my 60cs, eTrex Vista, and cell phone. Good luck and "Lets Go Geocaching!"
  21. Very interesting. This week, the work puters will show all / tell all. Maybe it was a blip after all.
  22. I may have spoken too soon. I experienced the problem while accessing thru a work server. When accessing directly from my home PC, I didn't have any problem. Must be some restriction placed on our work server. I gotta eat crow on this one. I didn't even think about it until yesterday. I apoligize if I've caused any undue concern.
  23. I didn't really want to start a new topic. I imagine the folks at Geocaching.com are already aware of this, and if so, please disregard this post. If not, I thought you'd want to know. When accessing locationless caches and attempting to view all posts on one page, several return a green page with nothing else. An example would be GCaa48. I was attempting to avoid submitting a duplicate of a previously entered location.
  24. FYI, EasyMPS places data from either GPX or LOC files directly to Mapsource. From this you can upload to the 60c or cs via USB. Works very well with my 60cs. Hmm, seems as Idahofreedom placed the link to this in the previous post. Awesome.
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