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  1. Just the time spent at airport security (sans Indonesia) is bound to take most of a day! Kill their Finds and all of theirs that follow!
  2. Increased scrutiny of this person's background may ultimately be his most significant threat. What else is he into (perhaps inserting malicious code or back doors)? His character flaw will not be isolated in stealing geocache containers!
  3. 1. Competed - All 50 States & DC the first year of caching 2. Find - 10 caches North of the Arctic Circle (July 2008) 3. Find - Caches in every Canadian Province 4. Find - 100 caches in every state (in progress) 5. Find - Delorme Challenge MD & DE (soon) 6. Find - Delorme Challenge ME 7. Find - Delorme Challenge PA 8. Complete - Fizzy Challenge 9. Rack up 500,000 miles geocaching (currently at 320,000) 10. Never hide another nano cache 11. Find another 1100 caches by the end of August (doubtful)
  4. I did just that ... last night. Three PQ's nor their copies have run yet. I accidentally selected My Finds PQ yesterday and that hasn't run either. I did have a caching run into PA planned this evening!
  5. Be aware of the PQ thief! I have lost atleast five PQs to the internet ether within the last month. GC.COM indicates they processed. It counts against my five for the day. But on the occaisons when they aren't delivered quickly into my e-mail they NEVER make it there. A couple of times they appeared days later, long after I have departed for a trip. What's one to do?
  6. Twice yesterday and twice today I didn't receive the pocket queries I had placed and which GC.COM indicated processed. Today the total PQs executed added up to three at the bottom of the querie page but five queries were processed. Where did the remaining two go? They didn't make it to my mail box. That's problematic because I head out of town tomorrow WITHOUT the cache data. Anyone else have/had this problem? Is it possible that COMCAST is failing to forward some of the PQ's?
  7. Did I mention I'm in the process of loosing a fingernail after crushing it between two rocks in West Virginia?
  8. I had a similar experience in New Brunswick, Canada in June. Always taking the shorter way I decided to climb down the slate laden 30' drop back to the car. Well, my feet went one way and my hands went another. I was lucky not to have fallen head first further than I did. Like Acid Rain above I cut my right palm open 1/4" and 3" long. Upon returning to the car and my driver Cane Hunter, we washed it out and were faced with a decision. Do we return to the US for medical treatment (ie. several stitches) or continue our adventure North of the Border. Fortunately we were able to close up the cut pretty well so we pressed on to the St Laurence River near Rivier du Loup. Remember this .... Slate = 1/4" x 3"
  9. I don't have a typical response, it all depends upon the situation. However, the first explanation that springs to mind is that "I'm searching for Rare (insert State here) Blue Spotted Tics. They have been known to infest this area. I would sure appreciate some help". Can you believe I got someone near Texarkana, AR to help me!
  10. 1. How did you first hear about geocaching? A co-worker told me about it one day while we were just sitting around at 37,000'. 2. Tell me about your first cache? The next day I signed in to geocaching.com and picked a lame nickname (Clue Seeker) just so I could go find a cache. My first attempt was a DNF. I tried else where with Russian Girl and Russian Pirate and found a real live cache. Shortly there after I returned to my first attempt (without the kids) and made the find. 3. Have you had any bad/scary experiences caching? Experiencing multiple DNFs in Kansas City. Those Fountain caches will be the death of me. 4. What is the #1 reason you geocache? The journey, the adventure, the 1 in 100 cache that makes me say "WOW" 5. Do you prefer to hunt or hide? Hunting but that may be changing. Check out "Up in Smoke". 6. What was your favorite cache place? Oahou, HI Why? Great scenery, great hiking, a great caching community, phenomenal caches, and my wife hung with me for six days with out the kids. My favorite night cache is "Sacred Moonrise and the Tale of the Twisted Kitty". The title may be off just a bit but it's enough for a search. 7. What was your worst cache? probably LPC #100 Why? LPC #100 8. Have you ever attened a cache event? My first was 777@ 7:07:07 in NJ. 9. Tell me your best caching story? Several cachers got together in Frederick, MD to knock out a couple of Psycho Urban Caches (PUCs). Before long most of us had completed serveral of Vinny & Sue Team's PUCs. This included wandering deep into the dark, hazardous catacombs beneath Frederick, wading across the raging waters of the Monocacy River, climbing through forests of PI, and taking two photos that made their way to the front page of the GC website!
  11. All this talk is getting me excited to cache tomorrow in Western Maryland.
  12. I may be drifting from the topic slightly but when ever I see a L.E.O. while geocaching I take time to share a little of what cachers do. I recently did this with an officer in Clackamas, OR and handed him my entire stack of self made Geocaching.com information cards. He appreciated the chat and was going to share the info at the morning briefings. Hopefully there will be a few more understanding L.E.O.s when I get caught with my .45 caliber Garmin.
  13. I also found it irritating and cumbersome and I am using Microsoft XP. Logging 50 finds via an express logger I had to change the date manually each time. I'm curious what the perceived or desired upgrade was to accomplish.
  14. I agree with the second post, that if you can't follow street and park signs this icon won't matter. However I think making this a searchable attribute has value. Much like Night Caching Only would be. I have found numerous night caches on the web site only by word of mouth. One could search based on the terrain difficulty but that still could place them hundreds of yards from the cache.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. I just opened my new CSx and software today. If it happens to me I will post more.
  16. I almost lost a two way radio. It wasn't until my caching partner called me MANY times was I able to track it down. Infact I had almost given it up for lost.
  17. Usually that's a multi-cache with two attributes set: No need for an additional type. As already explained, the types are about what you will find at the posted coordinates. In case of a night-only cache you most likely will find some kind of reflectors leading you to the next stage and so on - as in a typical multicache. I searched for this topic specifically because I had wished for a night cache category. However, I have come to change my opinion. Does that make me 'open minded'? I just modified a partially successfull Night Cache PQ with the above attributes and came up empty handed within 200 miles of central Maryland. I have better luck searching on key words and then sorting through the rubble. Perhaps I need to fill the void!
  18. Hmmmm. "I drove up to the cache, but it was too rainy and I didn't want to ruin my new coat. I'm sure I would have found it if I got out of the car, so I am logging a find. I'll come back later when it's not so wet." <-- how is this example any different than the one you just stated? You even stated in your log that you couldn't find it, yet you state that you found it. Anyone else find this odd? While there are some demonstrable differences between the two tales, the fact remains that the cacher who related the lawncare tale did NOT find the cache container, nor did he not sign the log. Rather, he discovered good evidence that the cache was MIA. I must conclude that for some people, an MIA cache equals a "found it". Sure, you can "conclude that for some people, an MIA cache equals a "found it" if you want to ignore the rest of the facts - that the owner confirmed it missing and gave permission for the log and that it is an unusual, not normal, occurrence. Yep, ignoring the facts, you are right! I just wanted to add my two cents. + $0.02
  19. Just like '152Driver', I too am an airline pilot. Some darn First Officer introduced this sport while making idle chit chat at cruise altitude. That was on July 16th, 2006. If you look at my profile you'll notice that I've been a tad obsessed. Tomorrow infact I hope to grab 30+ caches on foot from the hotel in Costa Mesa, CA during a two-day trip. The forecast is for 80F+ so I've already packed shorts and sunscreen! After I hit about 25 states I came up with an unrealistic goal of nailing all 50 states + DC by July 16th, 2007. So far I'm on track and have a plan for the remaining states. What's next ... Canada and the Carribean of course. Since you need flight time why not plan a caching cross country. If you could pool resources with another cacher trying to build hours it may be a good way of increasing your cache/paid-block-hour ratio. Better yet, if he's IFR rated that will give you more options!
  20. With all these responses I am very surprised that my profession has not been mentioned. I have been caching since July after a coworker mentioned the sport. I was hooked the next day. By this weekend I will have over 1100 finds in 40 states (DC included). If everything works out I shall have all 50 states plus DC by my one year anniversary. Along the way I may log three Canadian provinces too. I get to fly for free and cache almost exclusively on my company's dime (with the exception of my home area). Most locations my company contracts for hotels have caches within walking distance. As a side note: This has led me to to some wacky things like walking from LAX to Manhattan Beach and even then stretching it into a 16 mile "walk". What is this life I lead? How about that of an airline pilot.
  21. Recently I was given a baseball style cap with two LEDs integrated into the bill. It was very usefull while signing logs in the dark. During a road trip with my father we began a wish list as to what the ULTIMATE had would feature. Since that discussion several items have slipped my mind but I'll start the list with what I can remember. Assume you had the full technical support of the US Government, MI6, Lincoln Labs, MIT, and perhaps some of the more liberal schools on the left coast. 1. LED Lights 2. Heat sensor (for spotting cachers huddling around GZ during your approach) 3. Flip down monicle providing mag bearing, elevation (handy for a host of reasons) 4. Range finder 5. NVG and IR emitter (night caching made easy) 6. Washable!
  22. I had to go to Hawaii to log a few caches this month. I could have easily made this a 2 1/2 day trip with minimum expense (free flights, one day's car rental and one night's hotel stay). But ohh no, my wife said 'you're not going to HI with out me'. So my $300 HI trip turned into a six day Hawaiian vacation on Oahu - Waikiki with an extra zero added to the expense. Since we live on the East coast my body clock was all askew during the first few days in paradise. Not a problem. A little night urban caching is just what the body needs to adjust. So at 0200 Local I'm climing out of bed, four hours' rest. I snagged about six caches before I returned to the hotel to join my wife for breakfast at 0500. Why so early? So many caches ... so little time. Four of the six mornings there, we were up by 0415 to tackle the breakfast buffet at 0500 to be enroute to trail heads by 0530. My wife was a real trooper. We spent most of the week hiking for caches. We sacraficed about half a day snorkling in Hanuba(?) Bay. That experience never compared to some of the awesome caches we/I found on the SE side of Oahu. During the week we shared some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We even did our first 'night cache' on Sacred Moonrise and The Case of The Twisted Kitty. Although we had a wonderful (but tiring) week together, she's not checking Expedia.Com for packages to AK. Looks like I will be solo for that one in April. I wonder what she will say when I express the need for a few caches in Carribean. As for neglect, yea sometimes she feels it but lets pick ... three to four hours a day on my bicycle (alone) or the same time spent caching toting her and the family along sharing in an outstanding activity.
  23. USAF 1989-1998, C-130E @ Pope AFB, T-37 & T-1A in Delightful Del Rio (Laughlin AFB)
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