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We always see TFTC in the logs, but of all the caches you have found so far, what cache would you really say 'Thank you' for. What cache, that you have found, is your favorite and why.


We all like different styles of caches and different types of hides, but I thought it would be interesting to see what people say their favorite single cache was.


As hard as it may be to narrow it down, you can only pick one. Be sure and tell us about the cache and why you like it.

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This is my favorite. So far.


I love the container. It took a lot of thought and work to come up with this one. It's in some ways a quick grab off the interstate, yet because of the secluded location of the hide stop, it has the feel of a hide deep in the woods. This should be on any one's must find list if you go through Illinois.


It looks like a lot of people liked that cache by the way that they were shouting to the world.... B)


I think the best one that I have done in a long time was this one! It brought out the real reason to say THANK YOU for the cache! A lot of work and effort went into making it!

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I gush whenever I talk about QuestMaster's caches. Sand Quarry, Polly Takes the Plunge, and Scattered Remains are easily favorites, quite possibly the very top.


Any cache placed by a park system (especially the Bill and Gary series) -- not only allowing caching but actively participating.


Caches I do on vacation that take me somewhere truly unique -- Secret Beach Cache, Garden of Hope


This and two others in an incredible nature preserve near me that I had no idea existed.

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I'd have to say that my favorite geocache so far is one called "Mr. Burl". It's located in Alberta Canada and the reason I like it is because someone dressed up a burl in a tree to look like a face. It's a really neat looking character. You should be able to find it on the geocaching site but I don't remember if there are pictures. Extremely creative. Even the cache itself was neat. :lol::)

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