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  1. I'm a 60Cx user that has been inactive for several years. Tried to install the plugin (newest version 4.20) but Explorer will not recognize the plugin as being there. Did a rollback to Explorer 9 (under Win7) and reinstalled the plugin ... same problem. Is the plugin just dead or am I missing something? Fortunately, my old GSAK still allows transfers to my 60Cx, but it's a pain to use just to load a few caches at a time. Any constructive suggestions? Don't want to spend hundreds of $$$ on a GPSr when my 60Cx is still good. Paperless geocaching? Not interested. I've tried to use my cousin's etrex 30, but the screen is so small and the text is almost too small to read reliably. Hey, not everyone has teen eyesight! PS: Garmin Express does not recognize my 60Cx, so that is out!
  2. Some of my more memorable cache finds are: GC92 Un-Original Stash - Location where the first 'cache' was hidden in 2000 - 1072 likes GCGV0P Original Stash Tribute Plaque - Very near GC92 - 2778 likes GCCCFF Vashon-???? - Small but famous cache in WA - 49 likes GCG3YM Minuteman Missle - Virtual in SD - 95 likes GCZQ5H Wind Cave National Park - EC in SD - 89 likes (and the cave is great!) GCQJTA Barringer Crater Earthcache - EC in AZ - 156 likes
  3. Thought I would post a quick message. Yes, I'm still alive. However, I'm now unemployed since last November (lay-off, didn't see it coming), so I'm in no position to travel. Employment Insurance has pretty well grounded me for the next 9 months. Wish I could come, as I enjoyed caching in Olympia after the Belfair Cache Machine (Jan/11)
  4. While caching with a team (usually during a "Cache Machine" event in WA state, I follow my set of rules: - If I am with the team at the cache spot, I'll mark in my log "Team XXX (whatever name we are using at the time)" - If possible, I will sign/stamp the log myself, so I mark my log "Log Signed/Stamped" - If I am not with the others (sometimes I do not got to a particular cache with everyone) I do not log the cache as a Find, even though the team found it. This is a personal rule, as I have to at least touch the cache to count it as a Find. I really enjoy caching with others as a team effort. Lots of fun, faster finds, and more finds in one day. Fuzzywhip
  5. Has there been any updates to this situation? Between this and the requirement of a Discovery Pass for WA State Parks, my geocaching options have become quite limited. Fuzzywhip
  6. Looked back thru my finds and found a few: = Kerry Viewpoint Park GC62C8 - it's a virtual, but the view of the city is fabulous = Totally Tubular GCNDTN - easy if you bring the right stuff = Duck and Cover GC26BXM - I love to see old Cold War stuff = IN GC27Y30 - more Cold War legacy stuff = Jimi Hendrix Memorial GC1A1EP - In Renton - I like to see this one when I visit the area = Welcome to Snoqualmie Falls GC21MAN - East of Seattle but worth it so see the waterfall = Transmissions and Aliens GC3CC2B - Not in Seattle but in the Longview/Kelso area - love to concept Fuzzywhip
  7. Instead of the expensive 60CSx, maybe look for a 60Cx or a 60CS? I've been using a 60Cx for years with excellent results. For geocaching, the "S" electronic compass or barometer just isn't necessary. Everything else is available in the 60Cx version. A year ago, I tried to buy a 60CSx for my aunt, but was always outbid on ebay (+$200). Finally won a 60CS for about $100, and it is as good as my Cx except is doesn't have expandable memory. I forget how much memory the 60CS has, but I was able to load a bunch of maps with no problem. Fuzzywhip
  8. A late reply (and not in WA), but with a cache that is definitely underground. Mined Mine GC2JXZF near Beaverdell, BC Not sure how deep it is, but is must be at least 200' from the entrance. Solid rock mine. Watch for water. Definitely need a flashlight just to navigate the last hundred feet. Fuzzywhip
  9. However, when you click the link "E-Mail Preferences", those options are not there. The only options I see now are: B. Yup, that's what I see - Haven't received the Weekly Newsletter for about a month (July 6th). I see from the emails that I do receive that both of my email accounts in my details work, so ... what now? ... Help! Oh yes, + about a billion about sending in plain text format!
  10. May I suggest looking for a 60Cx or 60CS as a cheaper alternate? I tried buying a 60CSx on eBay for my aunt, but was always outbid. (well over $200 for a used unit) Finally was able to win a 60CS for less than 1/2 the price of a 60CSx. The non-expandable memory hasn't been a problem. Still have been able to load as many maps as we need. I use a 60Cx (which doesn't have the electronic compass or barometer) Just as good a CSx for again less that 1/2 the price of a 60CSx. I don't miss the electronic compass, and had disabled the barometer.
  11. This is from several years ago Turns out, it's from the old Longacres racetrack
  12. I see those solar-powered path lights in the dollar / second-hand / walmart / etc. for a couple dollars, and think "what can I do with one of those?" I've racked my brains trying to think what I can do with these for a creative cache container (and not just using as a container.) I want to use the lighting portion as an important part of the cache. Ideas? Help an old guy out with some creative suggestions (cache-wise)
  13. Hmmm ... several I've run across that was less than ideal ... - Nano on the bottom/back of a fire hydrant. At first, this looks OK, but you know what dogs do to fire hydrants? - Any size very close to a kids playground. As a single male geocacher, it looks bad for me to be searching for this, even when the playground is empty. I've even taken my aunt with me just so I (we) can do these caches. - Any spot near big windows at a coffee shop. (I've tried several times to find a particular cache in Renton,WA, but have failed each time, as there are always muggles watching me!)
  14. Oops ... your right ... GCK149 (still a really low number) Fuzzywhip
  15. I'm interested in hiking Mt. Pilchuk to try for cache Purgatory (GC149). As well, this mountain has special meaning to me. (Tsubaki) But I'm not from the area, although I do know Granite Falls quite well. Where is the trailhead / parking area? Any access that doesn't require the Discovery Pass? Thanks, and see a bunch of you in Longview next weekend (30th) Fuzzywhip
  16. Event to Kickoff the Three Dam Geocache Challenge (GC3EZT3) Question: Is the Challenge part a one-day event? Or does it run for an amount of time this summer? I have to work on May 27th but would like to work the Challenge on another weekend. Thanks
  17. On May 4th, just found my 2500th cache (The Cross Over - GC216JM)
  18. Bought my first couple sets of AA NIMHs about 6 years ago (no name 2600 maH "camcorder" batteries) and have been using a Ray-o-vac NIMH charger. After the initial charge, I kept my eye on the charger (1 battery per charging spot) and watched to see which batteries charged first. The first two I marked the top with a permanent marker, then the next two with a different marking, and so on. I now have 8 sets that I rotate between, so they all have approximately the same usage. After 6 years, the first couple sets are starting to show their age. Instead of getting 12-14 hours per charge, I'm getting around 8 hours. Still OK for NIMHs this old. ----- Last year, I bought a bunch of supposedly 2500 maH AA NIHMs on eBay (from China.) Not surprisingly, the batteries I received where counterfeit, physically a lot lighter than my regulars AA NIMHs. I would guess they're the 600-800 maH batteries used in those cheap solar powered sidewalk lights. What was surprising is that they seem to work well in my 60Cx, getting 6-8 hours of use. No bad for cheap counterfeit batteries. I figure, for the cheap price, if I get two uses from each set, they break-even with the cheap batteries you can get from dollar stores.
  19. Thanks. Updated firmware to 4.20 and GPSr is rock-solid. A little slow compared to my newer 60Cx, but still very good.
  20. Yup! Yup! Yup! Sounds like my trips! In fact, all my holiday trips are now "geo-vacations", where caching is the primary reason for the trip, and everything else is bonus. Last month I drove to Twin Falls, ID ... Why? ... Because I hadn't cached there before! 1700 miles in 4 days for 160 caches. Still, I would do it again tomorrow. When finishing the Washington State Delorme Challenge, it must of cost a thousand$ or more, as I had to drive places I normally wouldn't think of going to. Saw a lot of the state that I never would have seen if not for geocaching. Combine that with the addiction, and even I'm thinking of a "fly-drive" caching trip so I can color in more states.
  21. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I cannot search for the word "dye" as it is too short! Has anyone attempted to dye the case of the GPSr? I have a 60CS that I just bought used, and want to make it look different (because I can.) I've looked at a couple web pages about dyeing plastic parts, but I do not know what the 60CS's case is made of. Interested in your replies.
  22. Just bought a used Garmin GPSMAP 60CS for my aunt how is also hooked on geocaching (623 finds so far.) I'm looking for tips and suggestions to make this GPSr as easy as possible for my aunt to use. - The GPSr works now. Should I use WebUpdater to the recent version of software? - According to the Garmin website, I need to use their USB drivers to connect the GPSr to my computer. Really? (I didn't have to do this with my other GPSr (60Cx) - Is there a way to disable the compass and altimeter in the setup so it remains off? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  23. Just popped-up on my news ticker and thought I would share: Scary what muggles do!?! http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/dangerous-booby-traps-found-on-popular-utah-hiking-trail-south-of-salt-lake-city-2-arrested/2012/04/23/gIQArIoqcT_story.html
  24. Hands-down I would recommend the variations on the Suzuki SideKick / Geo Tracker. I've had my 1997 4-Door Geo Tracker for the last 2 years and it has been the best geomobile I've ever used! 4 wheel drive (selective front hubs), transfer case, and a real frame! (so tougher than a CRV, RAV, or other unibody light SUVs) It has IFS (independent front suspension) so it's not a mountain killer, but a great small 4x4 for those tougher terrain / back country caches. Possible to do a lift kit / body lift if you want more clearance, or to use larger tires. Just got back from a 1700+ mile geovacation (WA, ID, OR, NV) and averaged just over 34 MPG. Unfortunately, I'm not short enough (or thin enough) to camp in this vehicle, but that's only because I don't want to modify the interior. But there is possibilities if you want to do modifications to the back seat / back cargo area. I love my Tracker! I'd buy another one in a split-second! .
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