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Personal Coin Questions

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After having looked through the pinned topics on Geocoins, I still have some questions that those of you who have been through the process or in the "know" can answer for me. I'll pose the question or my understanding, if I'm wrong, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.


1.) Personal coins that are nontrackable do NOT have to be approved by Groundspeak.


2.) If a person wants to use the colors only (yellow, blue, green, orange) but NOT the actual Groundspeak logo, does that need approval by Groundspeak? I've seen coins with the color arrangement but not the entire logo.


3.) Has anyone seen a Montana related geocoin or PC by a Montana cacher done? There are so many coins out there that I have not seen them all, just thought someone might know off the top of their head.


Thanks, Tsunrisebey :laughing:

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Let me try to help.


#1 only if you do not use their logo

#2 answered above, Groundspeak does not own copyrights to any colors. ie. they share the same colors as microsoft logo.

#3Not that I know of.


BTW most coin makers know the rules of what you can do, besides by doing a untrackable you have almost NO rules (except you cannot sell them on these forums) as long as you don't violate copyrights.


Hope that helps and if I'm wrong on anything, I will bet someone will jump in and say so.


BTW can't wait to see your personal coin!

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I'm personally fond of PMS YELLOW, PMS 361, PMS 320, and PMS 151.


Did you make a PMS coin? I think I missed it ...



Does this coin only move once a month? :D:D:D


Probably so! :D

And the person logging will JUST HAVE tell you everything that they disliked about the cache it's being logged into!! :D



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I'm personally fond of PMS YELLOW, PMS 361, PMS 320, and PMS 151.


Did you make a PMS coin? I think I missed it ...


Seriously... If you don't know...

PMS stands for "Pantone® Matching System"


The Pantone ® Matching System is THE industry standard color matching system. The Pantone ® color formula guide provides an accurate method for selecting, specifying, broadcasting, and matching colors through any medium around the world. That way when you send a file to the other side of the world (like China, in most of our coin's cases) they will know exactly what color you are talking about when you give a PMS color #.


You can get accurate PMS color chips from various art & print sources on the web, not to mention directly from Pantone.com.

But they are NOT cheap. ($80 for the standard color bridge is a good deal!!)


As with any much used resource material, they need to be replaced at least annually to make sure you have the most up to date additions to the color pallet. Not to mention that if you use them frequently and expose them to light they will fade due to light bleaching & wear on the chips themselves.


HERE is a good reference for the PMS colors. (Bookmark it!! :laughing: )

WARNING: This is a REFERENCE Only... PANTONE Computer Video simulations may not exactly match PANTONE®-identified color standards. Use current PANTONE Color Publications for most accurate color.


Hope this helps! :D


D-man :D


edit: to add WARNING

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