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Some MORE pointless numbers.....

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This recent topic made me wonder....


How many of your total caches are on someone's public bookmark list? How many total bookmarks?


Which one has the most public bookmarks?


Has more than one of your caches made the same list?



Of my 48 total caches, 14 have public bookmarks on them for a total of 34 bookmarks.


Quantum Leap has the highest number with 8 bookmarks.


I haven't researched them all, but just in counting up the various bookmarks I noticed that 2 of my caches made Team Perk's Favorites List. :laughing:

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Since I've never figured why anyone would want to watch my caches in the first place, it is rather frightening to realize that I have 21 bookmarks on my 20 caches (19 active, one archived.) 4 have no bookmarks. Oh, well. Several for being in the Newark Watershed, a few for being along the Palisades in Hudson County. One for being a convergence cache.

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Out of 12 active caches ( including one that is temp. disabled) , 8 of them have bookmarks on them


1) 5 bookmarks on it and 9 watchers (1cache)


2) 1 bookmark 3 watchers (2 caches )


3) 3 bookmarks , 2 watchers (1 cache)


4) 2 bookmarks, 6 and 9 watchers (3 caches)


5) 4 bookmarks, 8 watchers ( 1 cache)


6) 0 bookmarks , 2 , 3 and 5 watchers ( 3 caches)


7) 0 bookmarks , 0 watchers ( 1 cache)


We have actually placed 20 caches total but 8 of them are archived for one reason or another , which may or may not alter these results . But I thought I would include only our active caches.....


Not bad if I do say so myself ....



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Of my 40 active cache hides...


26 of them are on 13 different public bookmarks. A few of them are on multiple bookmarks, for a total of 31 individual bookmark listings.


I was pleased to see that a few of my caches are on "favorite caches" bookmarks, including Kit Fox, Team Snorkasaurus, and Webfoot.

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