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  1. Let's not forget Michigan! 1) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...65-974d84deae28 2)http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...26-2ac30374522f 3) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...30-10038c0b9ee2 4)http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...07-753f3db77292 5)http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...9d-e24b22661669 6)http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b5-9a453497a43d 7)http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c6-d6a36fddc894 P.S.: CA is up to 10
  2. I suppose that would depend on how big your radius is. Most cache rich city? county? region? state? country? hemisphere?
  3. This thread is especially pertinent to me. I recently got a cache log that read the following: "I'm not marking this a DNF as I'm sure I was in the right spot. Area is frozen solid and impossible to get to right now. Maybe we'll come back in a few weeks (or months) and try again." Should I delete? On the one hand, they did come out to find the cache and were probably there. One the other hand, They didn't open the box and write their name in the logbook. Advise?
  4. My story of how stubborn we can be in finding a cache...an event cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...37-489a9ecf4287 Wow... Where to begin. We started out the day caching along the way to this event, and planned to come in the afternoon. Well, we got caught up and didn't leave the 75& Immokallee interchange until about 5. According to Google earth, I should have been able to exit 75 at 29, take that north to a road, which would snake over to Turner River and then to the event. BIG MISTAKE!!!! We drove North until I knew we had gone too far. We pulled over at a gas station and walked in. There were some arab guys around the counter, and we asked them if they knew where the camp ground was. They broke into Arabic amongst themselves, and after several more exchanges, suggest we try the Dirt road down their road near the prison. I knew this wasn't the right route, so thanked them and walked out to the car. Then an idea hit. I called my brother at home and asked him to Google Earth the road I had looked for. With the coordinategs of that in hand, we headed south. The enterance was hidden by a new bridge project! No wonder we didn't see it! As we drove in, the road diverged into two roads. One was gated and locked with a DNR sign. The other was blocked by a VERY large off-road vehiche being pulled by a white pickup. Both were stopped in the path. We got out of the car amd knocked on the window of the pickup. The guy inside at first didn't answer, but then woke up and tried fiddling with the window buttons, thne turning his engine on and off. He eventually gave up and got out of his car. It was apparent that he was drunk. He looked tired, he was wobbly, and there was a brown paper bag on his seat with a bottle sticking out. We asked him for directions, and got nowhere. His North and South were mixed up, and at times he wanted to call the sheriff. He said he'd go scout our intended path for us, and what could we say but yes? His massive ensemble was much bigger than our minivan. He drives down the road, and a few minutes later comes bacl and tells us that it's blocked. By now, we've figured out that we're going to have to go South to find this place. I wan to go home at this point, but the rest of the party, out of stubbornness, wants to forge on. WE drive south, over 75, and come upon a Sherriff's car pulling somebody over. We pull up along side his car and ask if he knows where this place is. Thankfully, he was not drunk and spoke English, and was able to get us on our way. We drove and drove until we reached Tamiami, then turned and looked for Turner River. Every road seemed to be it, but we finally found it and, 20 gruling miles later, we found the event. By this time, it was 7:20, and with a 2.5 hour commute ahead of us, we couldn't stay long. We walked in, mewt some people (Nice meeting you Doc Dean and GatorMan!) and signed the log. I really wish there had been some more time for more meeting with people, but the return trip beckoned, and we bid you all farewell and headed back towards Tamiami. WE got back to the interastate, dog tired, and were home by 11:00.
  5. The website doesn't say, but tomorrow's the drawing for the big jeep, so they better announce soon!
  6. If I remember correctly, MiGO did a poker run a few years back where trippy1976 (I think) set up a completely cheat-proof run. The cards were all bar codes, with each bar code standing for a different card. When players got back to the main event, they used a bar code reader and an Access database to reveal what card they had.
  7. Roddy, his title says that it is a MI chilli cookoff coin. fisnjack, the chilli coins are not trackable on GC.com. They are just numbered. If it were trackable, it would say "Trackable on GC.com" somewhere on it.
  8. How long has this been the case? One of my newer ones (Less than a month) has an external part ot it and got the green light. (Then again, I never told the reviewer it had an external link )
  9. Of my eleven: 10 are on any bookmark at all 3 are on a bookmark other than one I created 0 are on a bookmark other than one I created or an FTF list :D
  10. Definately my Cryptex Colossus. Took many hours to make container and puzzle, and have gotten nothing but good reviews for it!!
  11. Getting back to the original topic: I don't think it would be posible to have the audit log for non-premium member caches, because this would involve logging in before even seeing the cache page. While you need to log in for the coords, logging in for every page would really be a pain in the rear.
  12. And as a side note to my previous post
  13. That's a cool site, but I tried this But if you correctly spell ammocans as ammo cans you'll get a much better result. It's still a losing result, but 742,000 is better than 961. THIS is a closer (Still not ideal) fight.
  14. Local Nature Center. Ten beautiful acres, then someone hid an offroad cache there w/o permission, and the manager went berzerk.
  15. Sad part is I know which cache that is! Edit: Couldn't find the page. Must have been archived. Loved the container idea!
  16. While the first geocache no longer exists, there is a commemorative plaque at the location, and the can of beans from the cache still exists. The latter is in the posession of Team 360, and I don't know who adopted the plaque from him. Edit: The Portland Community Geocachersd did. HERE
  17. Never destroyed a cache, but wrecked the hiding spot once. It was in a rotted tree that was hanging over a hill, and after taking out the cahce I leaned a little too hard on the tree...
  18. According to hid cache page, 300+ years!
  19. On a quasi-related note, what ever happened to GCZZZZ?
  20. A handmaid piece of chainmail by a local cacher (Victorymike). The cache was over 150 miles from the area where we both live and was in the middle of a dense forest!
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