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I recovered myself!


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We haven't recovered either of the 2oldfarts name, but we recovered the last name of 2 friends (BLACK & WHITE) and the first names of 2 other friends (DON & DEAN). We also recovered RYAN (our grandson), PAT (my mother) & ROSE (my sister).


And even though we have not actually met him we recovered BUSH. <_<:(


Others' names, but just not ours.



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On a run up (home to Phoenix) from Tucson last weekend, I recovered CZ0850, and was delighted to have recovered a mark with my own first name as the designation. The day before, my partner and I recovered JEFF, HARLAN, PEDRO, and CURTIS.

I couldn't help but wonder if anyone else has recovered a mark with their own name (first, middle, or last) as the designation?


My name's "Mark"...

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I recovered a benchmark stamped GRUBBS, shortly after helping a family by that name purchase a home about a mile away.


Using a special paper which looks like parchment, I made a "treasure map" with an "X" at the benchmark's location. It was accompanied by To Reach directions in verse.


I took it over to the Grubbs' house when I knew the parents and the young children would be home. "This map came to me under very mysterious circumstances," I told the kids. "I'm getting too old for these treasure hunts, so I wanted to pass this along to you. Let me know what you find."


After I left, the children apparently pestered the parents to take them on the hunt, immediately. About an hour later, I got a call from the family. They were very excited over finding a marker with their name on it.


Of course, the children want me to do another treasure map. Perhaps this time, the "X" will be at the Krispy Kream donut shop! :)



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Not having much luck finding a disk with my name. :) There is/was a disk at PAULSBORO, but that hasn't been found since 1946. There's a PAUL at Oswego NY, near Lake Ontario. And another north of Saranac Lake, New York. The PAUL in Pennsylvania has been destroyed.

Despite having a common surname, there are no disks with that name.

Now, there is a HARRY near Seattle, Washington (with a nearby cache). And we all remember my attempts to find the dolphins DOL and NET at Coney Island.

Oh, well.

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