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Star Geocoin Sale

Dr. Whoever

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They finally made it. These are available at Coin Tracking


Trackable at Geocaching.com with a Unique Icon


$8.50 each with $1.50 Shipping for the first coin and only $0.50 for each additional coin.


Orders from outside the USA, please contact me for shipping costs.


I'm not 100% sure but I believe this is the first STAR shaped Geocoin. Grab 'em while they last.


There will be a set of 2 available shortly in Silver and Gold editions with a matching Geopin. Keep watching.


And thanks,

Castle Man

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I am thinking later this week the sets will be up here for sale (Silver and Gold LE's with a pin). After some discussions there will also be a third coin to the set. Black Nickel with silver glitter enamel where the red is currently at now. I am only going to do 50 I believe.....these will be HOT!!!!!

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The symbol of the castle looks similar to the engineer patch; were you/are you army? Just curious. Also, let me know when they go on sale...




Here's what he told me about the engineer castle because I said the same thing (since my husband is an Army engineer)

"the castle is not the Army Corps of Engineers....very close, but this design is from our Castle Industries here in town. The Army one is flatter."


And you can go to cointracking.com and buy them now Falcon Loader...

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