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GasCans 2006 Personal Geocoin


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Did we have a trade set up? :blink:

I too thought I had asked about trading, but cannot find that in this thread. Was there another for this coin?


JayBee - There was not another thread for this coin. This is the only one (that I know of) on the GC forums.

Also, I didn't find any email from you about a trade offer/request.


Everyone else -

Even though I didn't update my web pages to say that I had some additional coins from a mint-order error, I have still been getting order requests in my email. I am not officially totally out of these coins for sale, but I am holding onto a few for special trades. If you have a coin to trade that represents a machine, mechanism or other man made object, then I'll consider a trade.


PLEASE, no more Order Requests.


THANK YOU to everyone who helped make my first GeoCoin experience a great one!


-- Scott G.

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