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Geocaching - Best Short Documentary

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After missing a local caching event because of a previous commitment to volunteer at said film festival, I was happily surprised to see this 5 minute short documentary listed at a time when I would get to see it.

I loved this beautufully photographed look at our favorite activity. It was produced by Jeff Orlowski and Tessa Banks and shot in the San Francisco area.

Anyone know these two so that we can contact them and find out how to get a copy of this documentary?

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Anyone know these two so that we can contact them and find out how to get a copy of this documentary?


"Plot Summary for

Adventures in Geocaching (2006)


This documentary explores the emerging world of high-tech hide-and-seek called geocaching. Meet TRUROKR, family man; his rivals, the Ventura Kids, and lovable geek Aerospacecase. A humorous and poignant portrayal of four fascinating people and their feelings about competition, community, and the quest for the elusive Tupperware container."


A good place to start might be contacting one of the cachers mentioned in the writeup...

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Adventures in Geocaching is a great film. It follows three very diverse SC cachers around for a bit, and gives an insight into the different ways they approach the sport, and the diverse reasons they participate. I have seen the full screening twice.


NomadNora is the filmmaker, and is friendly with some cachers here in NC. So she came to our area a few years back to film a five minute pitch film that she had to show to her USC film school professors in order to get the project green lighted. Some of my best geo-pals are featured in that pitch film hunting one of our area's most extreme caches.

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Save your 2 cents. :D


The grad students at USC did a wonderful job on this film.

Their goal was to create an entertaining documentary about geocaching.

This filming project certainly succeeded in grabbing the audience, and eliciting emotional responses.

I say "Great Job, give those students an A!" :D




IMDb user comments for

Adventures in Geocaching (2006)


Manages to Capture a Subculture in Half an Hour, 16 July 2006


Author: kwmac from United States


Even if you know nothing about geocaching, you'll find yourself drawn into their world by this film. Do you identify with the Ventura Kids' aggressive quest for numeric leadership at any cost, or do you admire the purity of TRUROKR's relationship with the natural world? Or, alternatively, do you step aside from that dichotomy and find common ground with the lonely pursuit of Aerospacecase? Regardless, it's all there - life in a camouflaged tupperware container.


For those who do know the world of geocaching, there's the pleasure of the inside references - the old debates over park-n-grabs and "power caching," for instance. I've seen this movie twice with audiences of geocachers, and both times it provoked frequent laughter, applause, and talking back to the screen. Nora Donaghy clearly *got* them, and was able to capture their world succinctly. Brilliant.

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