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is anyone up to it?

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i'm just wondering if anyone is up to a television show about geo cashing.

i would love to get a show together.

anyone up to it?



Hmm, I jcan just see the TV program now.........."It's four o clock in the morning and Fred the geocacher leaves his house in the dark of the night, rucksack prepared, ready to make a strike at a new cache. Little does he know that 17 miles away, Bert is already on his way to the location. It will be a race between them to find the cluesm, locate the cache and claim the title "First to Find." Fred has backup however and using the latest mobile phone technology can access cache data from the field. This will prove to be a crucial advantage.


I personally wouldn't have time for a show or anything like that but others might. It will probably cause hordes of kids to scour the various geocaching websites and surrounding countryside for treasure. Will that be good or bad?

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"I personally wouldn't have time for a show or anything like that but others might. It will probably cause hordes of kids to scour the various geocaching websites and surrounding countryside for treasure. Will that be good or bad?"




well, if its done right it will be a good thing.i would not want to do anything that would take away from geocashing.


i only want to bring more people into the fun that is geocashing.


its only time before someone does it. they may not ask for input or ideas from those who do it.


just doing it for the media reasons. with movies already rubbing the cornors of caching, would it be better if


geocashers made it?


i maybe wrong.

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Well, I see a problem with it. first and foremost, the only people interested in watching it would be cachers. I used to play paintball competetively, on the national level, and we experienced the same thing. The only people who BOUGHT any videos were those who PLAYED. The rest of the world was ignorant to the sport. A podcast is a good alternative idea. By no means am I trying to discourage you; I am just pointing out that the audience will largely be cachers, who already know about the sport, and wish to see themselves and/or family & friends on TV. Thats the problem with fringe activities; only the fringe people are aware of them :angry:

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well. i play paintball too. and i found that a show about paintball was in fact viewed only by the people who played, also true. but what did people who did not play "have to gain"? nothing. they would have to play it.

and most people who see paintball thinks it hurts to much and does not see any reason for it. thus for no reward why play?


i think a show about "geocaching" with clues to reward and treasure would in fact sell.

look how many people play the lottery and get nothing. ALOT! look at the movies with all the "treasure hunters"

all the travel shows, outdoors programs, sports shows.


i have all the equipment. i just thought that geocachers would like to put in their own ideas to make the show the best it could be. to make it what it is,FUN.


the first time a person finds that first hidden treasure, the look on a childs face when he finds a cache.

when the family spends time together doing something they all like. hiking, exploring.


a car company buried a car and gave out maps with clues to it.


this can't be a bad idea if we don't do it someone will. how many have said "i thought of that!,look he made it."


maybe i'm wrong....


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well it's been on one of the local morning breakfast shows here and in NZ too I think. local chchers took the crew out. It would be likedancing on ice if you get two teams of total noobs and send themon a 5/5 like "cerebral codex" or drop them into one from opposite ends of the desert .... with really basic MAPLESS GPS unit

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You want to get the whole WORLD watching, just mention that its a GLOBAL cache race (much like the ultimate race) with puzzle parets to figure out, trickery (as only you evil cachers can make) and mention that theres $1,000,000 waiting for the FTF. Now THERE you have a game worth watching. People mention when they're heading to a stage and the cameras are rolling. (or you can pick, say 24 teams, and the last to arrive at a point is eliminated) Course, thats just me, I'd eatch the hillarity that ensues (just imagine getting to a point in the race only to find its a 1/5 and its SCUBA specific, so these teams that arent certified are offering instructors money for a QUICKIE lesson and to take them to the coords). Then theres the rock rappeling portion, the navigation portion (you know "go 1803.7 miles from here heading on 183 MN." Yes, I believe I would watch it.

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