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Survival kit in altoids can

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Hmm. I've found caches made from Altoids tins that couldn't keep their logbooks dry. I think if I was going to choose a container to hold items that I'm going to trust my survival to, I'll pick something watertight.

I agree.


But I would like to get myself one of those Commando Wire Saws they mention. Useful for sawing, but probably not when you are in a hurry.

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I use a round Altoids tin to hold my shredded Jute fiber, char cloth, and a "Hot spark" fire starter. I use a large ziploc bag for my trip wire, NATO waterproof matches, a waterproof poncho, a sharp knife, and my compass.


The trip wire comes in hand for securing my Decon container caches, and it doubles as great snare wire for survival situations.

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