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New Moderator?

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Six threads closed in two days, for no logical reason I can see. Do we have a new aggressive moderator or has someone got their knickers twisted?


One thread, on buried caches, asked a legitiomate question, got part of an answer and was shut down.


Yes, you CAN bury a cache if it is on your private land - but the thread was abruptly closed before that came out.


Another thread was about why many folks avoid the forums - okay, maybe a Markwell to the previous discussions may be in order, but just to close the thread?


And shouldn't a Mod say why it's being closed and by whom?


What's with shutting down threads that conform to forum guidelines without a word of explanation?



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Ed you might be a little paranoid. I've never known a Moderator to close a thread without stating who it was closed by or why. I think the OP of the buried cache thread probably closed it himself.


Still looking to make those crutches for you!


El Diablo

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strange! i only see 5 threads closed in the last 2 days in the general topics forum. 2 by moderators with a logical explanation for both. the other threads could have been closed by the OP. i see no evidence that anyone has their knickers in a twist. not the mods anyway. :laughing:

Perhaps some minor twistage on the part of the OP? :laughing:

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actually i can think of one mod with their knickers in a twist, but it's not one of the ones that closed a thread. they don't seem to wear clothes much either, so there isn't much to twist. :laughing:


Hmmm...can one twist knickers if they have none? :rolleyes:



If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound? :laughing:

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Moderators who close a thread will post a reason why when doing so (such as I am doing now). The OP of a thread has no requirement to do so.


If there are any questions regarding the actions of the moderating team, please check the Forum Guidelines, prominently posted at the top of every forum page:

About our Moderators: Forum Moderators are community volunteers that give up their time to help build a better community. They will assist with focusing topics and enforcing guidelines. They have the ability to edit/delete posts, to move, close or delete topics, and to temporarily moderate users’ posts. Our moderators are equipped with Kevlar flak jackets and an unlimited supply of admin bricks. Do not attempt to engage them in direct combat.


Complaints: If you have an issue with a specific post/topic on this board, please use the ‘report a post’ link in the lower right hand corner of the post. We will review the post and edit/delete if necessary. Any comments on the personnel of Groundspeak or one of the volunteers, please send an e-mail message to contact@Groundspeak.com.

Since this thread isn't geocaching-related, I'm going to do my duty and close it. If you have specific issues, feel free to use the info I have referenced for you above.





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