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  1. well! if your event involves much of this then i might make the drive from michigan. i'm hoping you really mean "compilation". Influence! You trying to step up events around here a notch?? You are SO going to get called out for this spelling error in the RVG forums. I've spent too much time with the others looking for the evil little hide of yours on the train to not enjoy a bit of sweet revenge.
  2. This Four Elements coin has been one of my favorite coins since I first saw it. It's even better looking in person.As far as I know it was a completely original design as well I think the OP needs to reconsider their design to not be so blatantly copied from this coin and be a little more original for their own.
  3. What the great pink one said! And yes dude, we'll go cache! I have to clear out Clarksville eventually and you'd make a good tour guide. watch out for chiggers. i hear they're really bad this year and i see post after post mentioning them. Rick just needs to remember to wear the shoes that include the left and right foot when caching in LBL, he doesn't need to worry about chiggers. I'm the one that should worry about the chiggers.
  4. What the great pink one said! And yes dude, we'll go cache! I have to clear out Clarksville eventually and you'd make a good tour guide.
  5. The only problem I have with this logic is, who's property would you have to possibly trespass on to retrive the cache "outside the park?" The hider most likely (at least we hope) got permission from the park manager to place the cache in the park, not permission from the landowner nearby for cachers to be on their land. Also, the original FTF attemptee states that they DID go into the park after hours if I'm reading it correctly. I think the cache owner was well within their rights.
  6. I was there when that happened!! At least there won't be any stampedes from the loose Rino. Haven't lost my GPSr, but I did nearly lose my brand new Razr phone while in the woods caching (in LBL too) found it the next morning after retracing my steps.
  7. 1.how many geocaches have you found? 235 as of today - I am really due for a big cache run. I'm in a contest with a good caching buddy on who makes it to 499 first. We are right there together now. 2.how many geocaches have you hidden? 12, including events and archived 3.how many people do you know go geocaching with you? I am the leader of the Royal Bug Family and there are 6-7 of us depending on my nephew joining us. I frequently cache with any number of those as well as alone. I also have many local and out of town cachers I am good friends with and get to cache with often. I have actually cached with at least one person that has already posted in this thread (Hi Saxy!!) 4.how many times have you gone on a long trip just for a geocache ^^ I have not yet made a trip specifically to cache, but will soon. I do try to cache anytime I am ON a trip for work or pleasure. 5.how many geocaches have you found in just one day? My record is only 16, but if I have my way, I should shatter my puny record before the end of the year. 6.how many items have you traded? couldn't say 7.how many times have you gone geocaching with out a gps and found the geocache that you were looking for? My first 30-40 finds were without a GPS. I still like to put the GPS down once I get fairly close and look for possible hiding places.
  8. I'm in Crofton (between you and Hopkinsville), but I work up your way in Graham. If you've found KTAG and RVG, then you have found the right people. Both groups have some very great people!
  9. What if we share a birthday? Mine is the 17th and it will be the big 3-0! (It's still the 16th here though, so I'm still 29 for a few more hours!)
  10. I'd LOVE to come to this event, but it's the same weekend as a big event down this way that I can't miss!
  11. At the school I used to work, we had a program called Read, Write, Gold. This had many features, but one was a dictionary. Put in the word "cow" though and it would come up with a definition as a "large unpleasant woman" as well as the bovine animal.
  12. I have one playground cache and one waiting to be published. They are both puzzle caches with questions most kids should be able to answer. Some adults, especially those without kids, may have problems answering the questions without research. My kids cache with me a lot and I wanted something fun for the families to do together on these. However, I placed both caches in areas near enough to the playground for the kids to get excited about the chance to play after finding the cache, but far enough away where an adult should be able to find the cache and not be too uncomfortable. Both parks have a lot of times when no children at all are present and should make for an easy find. In fact both parks are used by adults without children for various activities too. When you place your cache, just think like the other cachers and muggles will think and place it in a place YOU wouldn't feel uncomfortable looking or if you were a muggle where you wouldn't look strangly at a person.
  13. If I didn't load up the kids for a numbers run like I usually do, I could probably do a really good run. But having all the babybugs slows you down. Things like lunch, bathroom breaks and the fun of playing at the new park we found makes for lots of non-caching time! Our best day with the whole family out was 16 in about 6 hours when I was trying to make my goal for the year. I am in it for my own personal numbers game, not competing against someone else, so I'd like to try a cache run to get 100 or more in a day sometime. Anyone around here want to join me? I don't think I could get King Stinkbug interested!
  14. I have a blog so I can post pictures. I need to put a couple of recent things on there, but I can't stay out of these crazy forums long enough! Geocaching with Queen Ladybug and family!
  15. I just looked up at my bulletin board expecting to see mine but AAKKK! It's gone! I'm guessing that one of those two munchkins running around here had something to do with that!!!! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!! I have one of those!!! The Babybugs keep trying to steal it too! The Royal Bug Family is getting our nickels now Each of us has one with our bug on one side and the family logo on the other. Anyone that collects them all can get a prize from us! (There are a total of 7 of the Royal Bug coins) You have to meet each of us or find one in the wild to get one!
  16. I don't see very well at night, even with a flashlight, so I don't do it very often. I did attend a very cool event recently where we all went night caching afterwards. Thankfully there were enough people to make sure I didn't trip too much over roots in the woods! I've heard of LOTS of people that cache primarily at night though. I'm sure several of them will chime in with some tips soon!
  17. Can I please try to bring my version of logic in here? I'm a numbers ho...I will freely admit that. BUT I am only competing with myself and challenging myself to get a certain number of caches in one day, setting a goal for the month, or like now, trying to reach 150 before the year is over. (Maybe my Christmas present will help with that one!! ) Anyways....I just started this summer. How in the heck can I compete with people that started years ago and have thousands of finds? I can't, so I don't! CacheStats tells me I won't reach 1000 until 2010 going at my current rate. Playing the numbers game can only be fair if the participants started at the same time. With new players joining every day, who has the most finds really doesn't matter. I'm playing this game for myself, not everyone else. I do very much enjoy meeting others, hearing how many finds they have and hearing stories of cache runs of over a hundred a day. My record is only at 13 in one day. I find that to be terrific for me considering I did not have a GPSr yet and I had hubby and 4 kids with me. THAT was a challenge for me! Someone else would either not like it or it would have been a breeze. (I think most were micros that day but at least 5 of them were bigger ones too.) I set up some days to find a couple of long hike caches or really difficult ones. Some days I want to see how many I can find in one day. That's my numbers game! For those that don't like micros and have micro spew in your area...retaliate and come up with some creative bigger hides. I have a really good mix here and that suits me just fine. I also have about 5 hides planned for the next few weeks and a few are micros and the rest are big ones. My micros are at places that are really fun, but there is no good hiding place for a bigger cache. My only hide out there is small, but I was worried it would get muggled. It has a little bit of room for tradeables and small TB's/geocoins.
  18. Yep, KTAG is a great group! The next big event for us will be in the Spring.
  19. You've seen him? You must be more special than me!
  20. Congrats! The whole bug family is very happy for you! Hey....your family is now the same size as ours!!!
  21. I've seen an event not too far from me begin at Midnight one night, so it's not unheard of. My hubby would probably be one that would enjoy these since his work hours are 4PM to 4AM. You may even have a few die-hard cache junkies like me that would come even at the strange hour if it was close enough to me.
  22. I've been a really good girl this year, so I'm hoping Santa leaves a Garmin 60CSX under the tree for me . I've even enlisted the help of my kids to make sure Santa gets the message and knows EXACTLY what I want! Now, let's see if I get it!
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