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  1. Try posting on www.floridacaching.com
  2. I closed my own thread down, the one about "why no one visits the forums", the issue was discussed at length and I saw no need why a thread that started over a few months ago was brought back....so I closed it.
  3. ...and for only $250 in shipping charges it will be hand delivered....Geez...thanks for the bargin!
  4. I would have enjoyed the opportunity to walk HeartBreak2 with Pittsburg Transplant before he passed away.
  5. No, it has more to do with most of your postings and the recent claim that people have OCD for their take on the situation. Really your reponse should have been to be personally offended by my comment and how I was judging you. Rather than the comments in the email you just sent me. Because I do have a life, just not enough sleep. My comment on OCD was not directed towards the people who were positng here.....go back and re-read it. And the email to you was because unlike yourself I choose to direct my personal message via email rather than the forums....but you can choose your own method of attack whatever way works for ya
  6. This has happened to me once or twice and in the case where there is no paper to sign I will always leave my sig item(that has my name clearly on it) and send a note to the owner, in my opinion the sig item verifies that I did find the cache. After finding a few wet logs I now carry a bunch of small log books in my pack to replace wet logs which are fairly common in South Florida.
  7. Hmmmm....hey speedy what happened to the troll comment.......hmm...are our true colors showing BlueDeuce? True colors? Heck I know you're a troll, so do you. I thought I would save the effort for tomorrow. Trust me, I ain't afraid to say it. So if one doesnt post daily they are deemed a troll? If I decide to chime in once every month or so whats it to you big guy? I post on forums that are much more civilized and far less monitored than GC.com........
  8. Let me clarify...any anyone who knows a high number geocacher will agree that if you are finding thousands of caches in a year chances are that you have a form of OCD and are not necessarily padding an egos.
  9. Hmmmm....hey speedy what happened to the troll comment.......hmm...are our true colors showing BlueDeuce?
  10. Perhaps its a form of OCD....and I am serious
  11. This is just my opinion. If there are extraordinary circumstances, such as a record breaking run, then the quickest method possible of "logging a cache" would need to be executed. I have no problem with someone sigining the cache container itself, it lets me know that they were at my cache site, since once again the whole purpose is to find the container not the log book inside the container. Others will surely disagree but I honestly see no problem with it . My 2 cents.
  12. LadeBear68........Thank God we have a voice of reason on the forums. Finally someone who isnt so quick to join the crowd. I couldnt agree with you more Ladebear68. You made many good points. What saddens me is that GW4 was a worldwide event, many people from all over showed up in Texas to celebrate this hobby/sport of ours. To continue to pick apart every freaking action that was made on part of the record breaking team is non-sense. It irrates me more when we go from talking about a marking on an ammo can to hiding caches in schools and airports and guidelines. Dont compare apples to oranges.....in retropect maybe it wasnt the best idea to sign the outside of the containers, I think everyone has made that loud and clear, BUT wouldnt it be more productive to come up with another idea or a better solution. I think that these record breaking runs are here to stay, and they are fun to watch and I cant wait to hear from some of the crew when I see them again... Thanks again LadeBear68!
  13. So if the pieces of a chess set were broken and you could no longer tell what piece was what, there is no harm done? The containers were marked, not broken, save the drama...
  14. Do you have an on topic comment? It's the most important lesson that I can offer to all newbs. Oh yeah, bring bug spray when caching in South Florida.
  15. Avoid the GC forums for a more enjoyable cache experience
  16. God forbid anyone wrote anything on the outside of my ammo can or tupperware I think the world would end as I know it. Good job to all who completed the 24 hour record...job well done. You can sign my cans whenever you are in town. I saw something on the news the other day about the fact thay we are STILL in a war.....and imagine at a time of war someone out there is toting a lethal sharpie around Texas.... protect me George Dubbya!
  17. Wow, to imagine you guys getting all bent out of shape over a game. Ever plan a trip to find more than 10 caches, it probably took a few minutes to plan, route, load up all details ect. Now imagine that you are doing this for over 300+ caches with people from all of the country(and world) and have 24 hours to do it. Sounds to me like great fun was had and NO HARM ,yes i said NO harm was done. This is a game, a freaking game, play your game the way you want to play it and stop all the policing of others. If you choose to be a geocaching purist, so be it, but to take the wind out of others sails is ridiculous and immature. I could care less how/when and where the team found their caches, why?? because they choose their game and played it. Geocaching was SO MUCH more fun before I read all the BS on these forums. Many of you have done things that a purist would probably deem, not a find, but I am sure you wont be speaking up here...instead its easier to bash others........most of us know its not about the numbers YET everyone loves to chime in when numbers are involved. So hear is my confession....I recently toted a container full of goodies on a cruise ship and over to a private island in the Carribean, I replaced a cache for an owner who had his cache muggled...and guess what I counted it as a find....so there!!!! Now I will go hide in a hole. Get a life.....have fun...life is too short!
  18. Cindy...you might want to tyr floridacaching.com there is a forum specifically for South Florida...I would love to go caching with you when i have the time. I live in Central Pembroke Pines...33 years old, married with a 3 &8 year old. My hubby doesnt cache.
  19. I saw how you locked it. For the record, then: Stats and how they are accumulated is a touchy subject in this community, and like it or not, and whether or not it's a competition or just a matter of ethics as to how those stats where accumulated, CCCA, as the number 1 stat accumulator, is the poster child for the subject. There are some who have questioned the legitimacy of how she accumulated some/many of those stats, and there are others (such as myself) who believe that stats in general have become de-valued in our game due to the Micro Spew issue. In either case, when you posted that thread you opened that door. Now you know. (Edit: sp.) As you can see I have been a member for quite a few years and so I know what could possible happen to any topic that is posted on here...but the lack of respect is what gets me and then the people who just jump on the bashing train astounds me. It shows a total lack of respect and I locked the thread because I want no part of that. I now know to share my congrats via a personal email, which I have done.
  20. My kids like them...I see no problem with it.
  21. No wonder why newbie cachers come to the forums read and never return. I post a nice congrats topic only to have the first 10 posters to use it as a way of bashing another person. Have a little respect for others...
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