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Certificate Of Completion

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I have a series of caches in the Buffalo area that are hidden at or near five Frank Lloyd Wright designed structures. Each cache has a clue that leads to a sixth/final cache. Initially I had the idea that I would create a "Certificate of Completion" to email to everyone who found the final, thanking them for finding it and hoping they had a good time. But now I'm thinking that it might be kind of cheesy. What is everyone's opinion? Would you appreciate it or toss it?

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Why email? Why not leave something for them in the sixth cache?


I've done caches that had finder's buttons, jewelry, fridge magnets. I usually don't trade for swag, but I'll always trade for a finder's thingie.


Because I wanted each of the certificates to be personalized with each cacher/team's name on it. Sort of like an award.

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