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  1. Same for me. I also just did a search on my Android and again received the Delaware and Baden-Wurttemburg souvenir. Both now also show up in my souvie tab.
  2. I like the idea of souvenirs, probably because I'm very fond of badges on foursquare and stickers on getglue. Interestingly enough, I just earned the Delaware state souvenir for logging a cache, and neither I nor the cache I found is anywhere near Delaware. I wouldn't give it much care if I had at least been there, but I've never even set foot in the state. Unless somehow Delaware has annexed Buffalo and I didn't know it?
  3. I'll certainly let the planning crew supply the best info, but as a starter here's some tips on flying to the area. - The closest major airport is Erie International (ERI) at about 1 hr 15 mins to the event. However it is only served by Delta, Continental, and USAirways. - Buffalo Niagara International (BUF) is next closest and, on the average, the cheapest to fly in and out of. It's about 2 hours away and is served by Southwest, USAirways, Delta, Continental, American, United, Northwest, Airtran, and JetBlue. Plus Niagara Falls is only a short drive away if you've never seen it before. (OK, I'm shamelessly plugging my hometown area.) - Cleveland Hopkins International (CLE) is the third option and is the largest of the three, but is 2 hrs 45 mins away. It is a hub for Continental and also has American, Air Canada Jazz, Delta, Midwest, Northwest, United, USAirways, and USA3000. - Pittsburgh International is also about 2 hrs 45 mins away. Hope that's a little help to get you started.
  4. Cattaraugus County in New York, which borders McKean and Warren Counties in Pennsylvania, started a geotrail this year. Half of the caches came out this year and half are coming out next year. There is a designated cache in each municipality you need to find. When you find that cache you can send for a wooden nickel. Once you have collected all 32 wooden nickels you are eligible to receive your geocoin. Enchanted Mountains Geotrail
  5. FWIW since I'm late to the discussion... I do indeed have numerous waymarks in Disney World, and the OP did log visits to many of them. Nearly all had the exact same log and no picture. Did it bother me? Ever so slightly, but not to the point where I would send an email threatening to delete their logs. I've gotten used to the fact that not all people post pictures when they log visits. It's just the nature of the game. I would hope that my lack of an email to the OP would have left a favorable experience for them and that they continue to waymark. You could always look at it this way. There may be a cache hider near you that just has plain old awful hides, and you choose to ignore any cache placed by them. The same theory could apply to Waymarking. If you had a bad experience with someone, just don't visit their waymarks anymore.
  6. Huh, I could have sworn I posted a correction to my initial post yesterday but I guess not. Or maybe it got eaten by the forums. In it, I stated that I was wrong and that Google Maps still gets their data from TeleAtlas, and will for four more years, as reported in this article. At this point, I'm not sure why the maps are so screwy all of a sudden. If you're in plain old Google Maps (not within geocaching.com), in the bottom right corner of the map is a hyperlink labeled "Report a problem". Click that and it will bring up a dialog box where you can type in a problem. You can also move the pointer thingy around if it doesn't put it in the right spot.
  7. Google has changed where they get their map data from. Previously they used TeleAtlas, like many other mapping and GPS companies. I guess they decided to start making their own maps, which is no surprise. You may also notice they have started adding property lines and paved bike trails at closer zoom levels. There are several places near my home area that are messed up now as well. Meaning, they're missing chunks of land along the shoreline and there is land where there's supposed to be water. I have submitted several error reports over the past couple days and surprisingly I got an email back already on a couple of them saying that I was correct and they will fix their maps. That is way cool, especially since I sent corrections into TeleAtlas nearly a year ago and they still haven't been acknowledged yet.
  8. Rayman

    wny cachers?

    My esteemed colleague TWU mentioned hearing of another event coming up in the future. At long last, I finally got the OK from the manager at my local Wild Wings, so the event has been posted. It's September 12 at 7PM. There are already a couple new people scheduled to attend, so it would be great if you could make it as well. Hope to see you there!
  9. I'll point you to geocaching.com's sister website, Waymarking.com. There are currently 71 WDW benchmarks listed in the category. Click here.
  10. Yep, I would recommend this approach as well. Unfortunately there isn't really a geocaching organization that represents your area. GeoRoc is probably your best bet. You could also try NYGO which represents all of New York, but I think I've seen someone from the Syracuse area post something only a handful of times. Good luck!
  11. I'm the leader of the Hidden Mickeys category over on Waymarking.com. Thanks to several of you for the plugs. We just had about 10 new submissions over the past week so there are plenty to keep you busy. I also have about 50 other waymarks scattered throughout the parks. I tried to make them informative and give facts about each item waymarked instead of just saying "This is Spaceship Earth" or "Here is Cinderella's Golden Carousel". Here's a good center point for all waymarks, including hidden Mickeys and benchmarks.
  12. If you're coming into Buffalo the week before GW7, then you may want to stop by Allegany GeoBash 4 (GC1DG47), another mega event being held on May 16. It's pretty much on the way, and several people have already logged that they will be attending both.
  13. Rayman

    GW5 coins

    Bumpity bump. At the risk of getting flamed by those behind the coin's creation, any update on the status of this one? Normally I'm pretty patient, but as we approach the 2 month anniversary of the event I'm getting a little concerned. I see no update on the GW5 site as well.
  14. Correct, only virtuals exist on Disney World property. There were a handful of traditional caches at one point several years ago, but Disney security found one and thought it was a bomb, so they had all physical caches removed. Your best bet for non-virtuals would be the 4 or 5 in Celebration, southeast of Disney. But as you said you have no car so that will be a mighty long walk. Keep in mind there are three caches on Castaway Cay. From what I recall reading, they weren't all that easy to retrieve with Disney CM's watching everywhere. Plus I wouldn't recommend leaving a geocoin there, as I suspect it would be very likely to be grabbed, but never logged out. Edit: I take too long to type. sbell111 beat me to it.
  15. Not a huge deal, but my name is spelled with a capital "R" (Rayman, not rayman). If it's too late to change it that's OK then. I'd be in for the owner coin and probably one general coin. Really cool design!
  16. There are about 200 waymarks listed at or very close to Disney World. About 1/3 of those 200 are Disney benchmarks, which may not be everyone's cup of tea. I currently have 41 waymarks created at WDW. For most of them I tried to add some interesting info about what I waymarked to at least make it somewhat interesting, like a virtual. And, they can easily be created with no need for permission if you want to create some of your own. I know, I know, they're not the same as virtuals, but I'm just trying to offer up an alternative.
  17. Yes, I'm having the exact same problem. Need to validate, but never got the email and I've been a member since 2004. I'm guessing this happened sometime between 7-9PM ET because I was on earlier without the validation message.
  18. Here's an interesting tidbit, or at least it was to me. Over on the Waymarking side, we just went to 6 letters/numbers. In other words, WM1000 was just listed. Now I know many of you are anti-Waymarking so this don't matter a whole hill of beans, but for the couple 100 or so of us die hards that do participate, it's a nice milestone. Pretty cool, two milestones within about a month of each other.
  19. I don't think this one's been added yet. When I go to "My Visits", I see the first 25 logs. When I try to go to page 2, it takes me to "My Page" with the URL of http://www.Waymarking.com/my/?aspxerrorpath=/my/logs.aspx.
  20. I agree there should be a category for outdoor/open-air stadiums for those sports mentioned above (football, American football, lacrosse, and even major league baseball). However, just my personal opinion here, I'd rather see arenas in a separate category. I noticed last week that the arenas locationless cache never transferred over and had thought about creating a management group for it. But now I'll wait to see how this one pans out before proceeding.
  21. I'm confused by the XM and Sirius channel number variables. Are you referring to the half-dozen or so FM channels that are rebroadcast on satellite, or all the channels? If the latter, they all are original programming that originate from the same place in DC or NYC. Couldn't imagine creating 150+ waymarks at the same coordinates, although I'm sure that would be a new record likely not to be broken.
  22. I have a series placed in the Buffalo area focusing on all the Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings here. In total there are 6 houses, a demolished office building, and a mausoleum with a boathouse and filling station coming in the future. There are five caches in the series with clues leading to the sixth.
  23. Do I get a prize for submitting the 1000th? I'm guilty of not Waymarking much lately. I've noticed I go in streaks, where I cache alot and waymark a little, then I do a lot of Waymarking and cache little. Most of the summer I've been in cache mode, but after marking about 20 things over the weekend, I think I'll switch to that for a bit. I do agree with you Bruce, in that people are just busy with other stuff. There's been an influx of new people to the activity lately, so I'm sure Waymarking is not on the decline.
  24. Same here for the most part. I'm still missing a few Waymarking notifications, but it seems to be working much better now. And I noticed it wasn't limited to just geocaching.com emails either.
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