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  1. Hey guys! I swear I'm still alive, I've been doing well just haven't been caching in 2 years I hope to break the seemingly never ending drought soon. I've noticed that it seems like 50%-75% of my previous finds are now gone! Looks like I've got more to look for! Hope everyone has been doing well! -Patrick P.S. you can email me at pmaholm at gmail dot com.
  2. Working on this now, I've got the list, and will be making it into a bookmark list. Done! Indiana's 50 oldest let me know if that doesn't work If you’d like to figure out which was the first cache hidden in your state, you can create a Pocket Query that’ll tell you. Here’s how: Under your Account page on Geocaching.com, select, “Build Pocket Queries”. Then click “Create a new query”, and select the following options: * Within States/Provinces (select yours) * Within radius of 500 miles * Placed During (this is the key field) o Between September 1, 2000 and December 31, 2000 Then click “Submit Information” and on the next page, select “Preview the Search”. You should now have a list of the first set of geocaches placed in your state. For example, running this query for California returns a list of 16 caches, the oldest being Phil’s Memorial Cache in San Diego County near Big Laguna Lake, placed on September 10, 2000. If there isn’t a cache in your home state that falls within this search criteria, try extending the end date of the query until it produces some results. You can also modify this query to, say, find the oldest caches within a set radius of your home (using the From Origin query selection). Or, of all the caches you have found so far, find the oldest geocache hidden (check the “I have found” box). You may have to play around with the end date a bit to generate results you can use. Of course, if you use a geocaching database program like GSAK you can simply sort your different cache lists by the date placed field to generate the same information. Can someone develop a list of the 50 oldest active caches in Indiana for us, if this has not been done????
  3. PMaholm


    Yay next trailmix will be in my backyard, Hope to see you all there!
  4. We went caching last weekend with the Bjorn and the Ohio guys on Saturday, then on sunday a few of us put our heads together and beat Insaine Asylum. We have to dog sit this weekend but hopefully we'll get out to hit a few. -PMaholm
  5. That would work for cachers who are recieving these via E-Mail, but to those who use SMS to recieve their instant notifications it would require going to the WAP interface to try and find the cache which would in turn use up some of the precious little amount of data they've purchased for the month. Just my thoughts. -PMaholm
  6. LET'S GO GEOCACHING IN INDIANA!! I'm planning on it Lead Dog! that and placing a few more caches
  7. As a network admin for a public library I know our library would not block GC.com. I would however favor blocking myspace/facebook/myyearbook and a few others. myspace is on the top of my list due to the fact that there is quite a bit of "adult" material on there. We're in a tight situation on finding policies that do the best to appease the public and conform with federal, state, and local laws. For example it is illegal in the state of Indiana to "view" any "material" that could "harmfull to minors" most commonly pornography or nudity where minors are within "auditory or visual" range. Since we are a public library and do not forcebly seperate our childrens and adult sections the entire library falls under this law. Open sites like myspace make it increasingly difficult for us to keep a handle on this situation, by allowing users to post what ever they like adult or not makes us want to block their site to conform with the state law, however the actual social networking standpoint is desirable. We have already heard the threats about "freedom of speech" and it's begining to get straight annoying. My advice to anyone please don't look at porn in libraries. just my $.05 -PMaholm
  8. Also if you'd like to check the distance from a point you'd like to place a cache at a useful thing to do is to go to http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ and use the section labeled Search by "latitude/longitude format:" by putting in the coordinates for your proposed cache. If you don't see any results less than .1mi you should be good(providing there are not any stages to multis or puzzles) Hope this helps!
  9. Geez with that much deet you could melt all the plastic on a small car! But seriously everyone should know the dangers of getting deet on plastic.. as in it eats it. P.S. wish I had some of that at the GeoBash the bugs were ignoring everything else. -PMaholm
  10. I guess you could always ues teflon thread tape to make it water tight. But then make sure to put in the cache discription that a pipe wrench is required to open the container.
  11. Some people bird watch. some of us watch the elusive native and migrating cacher in action. "ohh Honey get the camera! Look at this one!" Looking at a camera Crocodile Hunter sytle "Here we have the elusive suburban geocacher! and a quite fine representation of the species he be! Oh look he's found the container, lets watch and see what happens.... Oh this is very good! The cacher must've found a bit 'o swag in there as he's doing what we call in the profession the "Wooohoo I found good swag that's not mcjunk!" dance" I love meeting other cachers on the trail or at a cache location we all seem to love to tell our stories -PMaholm
  12. I'm sure Katie could probably hook you up with a MidWest GeoBash shirt. maybe...
  13. Personally I'd like it. But I think I'm a little cheesy.
  14. THANK YOU!!! I've been looking for this for about 6 months off and on for annother project I'm working on. I'd just about given up hope! I knew that they made clear pipe similar to PVC but just couldn't find it. -PMaholm (And now back to our regularly scheduled post)
  15. I've been using the "average" feature on my 60CSx for the caches I'm working on I usually let it average for a couple minutes or so. When you go to "Mark" a new waypoint there should be a button that says "Avg" that'll do it. It'll even tell you the predicted accuracy. Hope this helps! -PMaholm
  16. Our neighbors had the same problem, a bunch of drunken college students climbed their 8 foot privacy fence and proceded to party on their back deck. By the time the police arrived most of the partiers were gone. They were informed that unless you have posted no tresspassing AND have verbally expressed to the offender that they were tresspassing charges could not be filed. How stupid is this? -PMaholm
  17. Crud! I just realized I still have an AOL account I can't belive I've been paying on it for almost 2 years. Shows how much I pay attention to that particular credit card statement! My experiance in the past is that they'll try and keep you by offering 6 months free. If you want to stop it quick put a stop payment on that transaction or close the credit card it's getting billed to that'll get rid of it quick -PMaholm
  18. You could but if you'd paid for 1 year and were say only 6 months into the year you'd lose that 6 months of premium membership(provided you didn't use this account anymore). If you're going month by month that's a lot easier. Hope this helps! -PMaholm
  19. If you're a premium member you can use caches along a route. You'd need to goto your account details and then on the right hand side it will say "Find Caches Along a Route. NEW!" and bingo you're there. Hope this helps! -PMaholm
  20. There is also a Rural King in Martinsville IN although I don't recall ever seeing ammo cans there. Might be worth a try though. -Pmaholm
  21. Sorta off topic here, but I've always thought it'd be funny to have a local group in Bloomington. We could call it the Bloomington INdiana Geocachers Organization or BINGO! I know my misguided humor should be in the off topic forum but oh well.
  22. Whew! and I thought this was going to be some sly comment on my use of Google Earth. -PMaholm
  23. I used this method but instead of using GPSBabel on it to go to GPX1.1 i just dropped the GPX from st2gpx into Google Earth and then saved it as a KMZ. That way I got to preview the route to see that I actually made it correctly. -Pmaholm
  24. Well, call it a coincidence but a few minutes after I created this post, I actually received The Answer. Yes, "you can renew it", renew it... how do I renew it? I don't see any place where I can renew it, which doesn't mean it's not there... just that I can't see it. Any hints? I don't even dare to reply to Groundspeak eMail asking how to renew... that would take 4 days more and probably I will receive back something like: "Look at the website, that's where you renew"... and so on. Try http://www.geocaching.com/subscribe/ Hope this helps! P.S. Make sure if you want to use "direct debit" from a bank account that you have a credit card on file in addition to your bank account. If you just have you bank acct you'll be locked into an "eCheck" payment that takes about 5 days to clear.
  25. Okay, I checked at my local Army Navy store. he's got plenty of diff sized from 30cal cans on up to some pretty big ones. The only prices I remember are for the 30cal $3.00 per can, and .50Cal $5.00 per can. He also said he makes sure to only buy Grade A cans. Apparently Grade A cans are considered "Perfect" condition as in they've been refurbished repainted and had a new seal put in. These cans look brand new so I've been happy with the quality. Hope this helps! OH... they're at Traildust Army Navy Surplus in Bloomington, if anyone wants directions I'll let you know.
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