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I recently have had a conversation with a fellow cacher, a high-numbered cacher, and he/ or she had been talking to a low-numbered member at a cache that they had found at the same time, and the story this " no name cacher" told me, made my blood boil. the high-numbered member was out for a second cache, he/she was new to the game/sport, and because of that he/she was taken advantage of. the story gos like this, he/she was out looking for a cache, and found it, right around the same time, another cacher, a low-numbered member, found the exact same time. The high-numbered member (who was there first) was scanning through the cache ( a ammo box) when he/she saw there first travel bug, just then the low-numbered member, snatched it out of the box, and to make a long story short, used the excuse of having a low member number as being the one who was "supposed, and intitled to" take the bug.


To me that is not right at all, I would not have been happy if the cacher was me, not only did the higher-numbered member not get the bug, he thought the low-numbered member was telling him the truth!!!!


now, I know alot of cachers, high and low-numbered, and to me we/they are all the same in person, no one is better then everyone else, or has that changed?


this is a true story, and I did not use names, so it didn't accuse any one, or hurt anyone.


thank you

--------------------> the cheeseheads

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