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Coin Clubs ... Why Bother?


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There are several coin clubs around - how many have quit the clubs in recent months due to the quantity of coins in the market now and the quality of the coins?


I used to subscribe to the geocoinclub and quit after the March coin because it was, well, lame. Seems like there have been quite a few others besides myself who also did so. Used to be that their coins were very unique and desireable - at least until I joined. :)


If you don't know what the future coins are going to be, why join a club? I wouldn't have joined had I seen what was coming, nor will I join any of the other clubs that are out there due to this experience. The coins are still expensive, you're not really getting a break - why bother?

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I too was subscribed to the geocoin club. The first couple of coins that came out were very nice and I think became quite sought after. For the second 6 month run, I've only been impressed with their locationless tribute coin. The price of staying with the club was too high for me to justify keeping my subscription. While they may produce some coins in the future that I will seek.. it won't be through a subscription.


Another club I saw who's first coin made me cringe. I have seen some concepts for coins and coin sets that I think have alot of merit. But now I'm going the route of being very particular about the coins I add to my collection.


If I would have known how easy it would be to get the coins I really liked coming out of the clubs in the beginning, I would have never subscribed in the first place.


When you're getting all those CD's from the music clubs, you get to pick the ones you want to buy. The first couple are a steal, and you pay a high price for a couple more and your done. Subscribing to the coin clubs, you're stuck with paying a high price for all the coins, no matter how hideous you think it is. Your only hope is finding someone who doesn't think the same.

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we have been a member of the original Geocoinclub from the beginning. We have liked some coins more than others but honestly I don't think it is realistic to expect them to come out with a blockbuster of a design every single month. Personally I like April alot but next month is not exciting me yet.


We will be keeping our membership active.. keep them coming

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I joined the Geoswag club with some others since there was no commitment and I liked the first 2 coins, but we dropped out after that. I had considered the GCC club, and for the first few months it would have been worth it since the coins were great (I've traded for several of them), but half the designs lately haven't really thrilled me so I'm just as happy to simply trade for the ones that catch my eye. Since the initial thrill of coin collecting has worn off I can't see myself joining a club now that I can't opt out of at any time.

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I wish I could opt in for any given month... but then I kinda like the ala-cart methodology :laughing:


I believe one of the clubs operates that way, but exactly which one escapes me at the moment.


Geoswag does. Only disadvantage when you drop in and out is that you lose the lock on the introductory pricing. There has been 1 mint increase since the club was launched and there is another one coming on 5/15.

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