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Pocket Query Problem


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I know you guys must get tired of this stuff.


I know how to set it up... I think. I've built five of them. But I never seem to get the actual email with the zip file. I managed to pull it off once, but it was a full moon.... I have no idea how I did it that time. I've checked my spam accounts, tried using different email accounts... I'm sure there's just something I'm not doing right. This is what it looks like:


Name Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Last Generated (PST)

Preview (100) Local Never

Preview (100) New Query Never

Preview (50) 3/6/06 Never

Preview (100) 28714 Never

Preview (10) Cane Creek 3/26/2006 11:10:43 AM

Total Queries/Day 1 0 0 0 0 0 0



Shouldn't I basically get the email/attachment instantly?

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Thanks, brian.


I do want to clarify that, in my case, I'm fairly certain that I'm doing something wrong, since I've only ever received one, out of probably 8 attempts - over a couple of months. At this point, having read the other threads, I'm not expecting anything today, but I'd like to make sure that I'm doing it right.


For all I know, I broke the doggone thing! So it goes....

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Notice that most of those don't have a "last generated", except for one (which must be the one during the blue moon.)


Once you create the PQ you have to schedule it to run. Just check the box for today's day and it will run almost instantly (since it's never run before.)

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Right, no "submit". (The speical "my finds" PQ has a submit, but not the ones you create.)


The idea is to make it simple to set up PQs to run on a schedule, rather than having to submit them each time you want them.


(There is another thread about some people having difficulties with their PQs today. I didn't have trouble with mine. Your issue seems to be, at least to start, that you never scheduled them to run.)

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