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Geocache Competition

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I run a LAN party (a group of computer geeks who get together and play computer games against each other) and I was talking about geocaching one day. A few of them overheard me, and were very interested in it.


I thought it would be nice to arrange some kind of geocache competition. Here's what I came up with so far:


Teams would be split evenly into 2 or 3 groups depending on how many GPS's we can get.


Both teams would be given a list of 2-6 pre-selected caches in our area.


The teams can do the caches in any order they choose.


The first team to complete all of the caches wins.


The only problem I see is how do I know if a team has completed a cache? I could have them sign the log as they find the cache and rely on the teams themselves to tell me who's name is on the log first (team A or team B ), but that can be confusing. I also thought about assigning myself to team A, and my wife to team B as offical score keepers, but I dont know if she can keep up with them.


Has anyone done something like this in the past?

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You could find the caches that you want the teams to search for and then place 3 poker chips in the cache, white for first, red for second and blue for third. You know who has what and if there are 6 caches to visit you should have six chips, whoever has the most white wins.

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we did something simmilar at a family reunion. Put in a bunch of numbered poker chips, or something simmilar, into each cache. They are to pull out the lowest numbered one when they find it.


you just need to make sure you can tell which chip came form which cache.


I didn't want to have to visit each cache beforehand.

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