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  1. I am interested. Is it still available?
  2. Would you entertain $75? I'll come pick it up, and you can keep all the accessories. I'd like to pick this up for my son to go with the GC we already own.
  3. I have a multi-stage cache coming down the line, and I'd like to put the cache name on the gamepieces. How do I get my GC ID before the cache is published? I started to register the cache, but I don't have the coords for every stage just yet, so I couldn't complete it. Not to mention that gamepieces have not been placed yet (because they need the GC code put on them!) I can't place the pieces because I don't have a GC code, I can't get a GC code because the pieces arent placed! Help!!!
  4. Here's a pic of it: Who has one? Any how much?
  5. I'm trying to locate a 5gallon or larger bucket for a cache. Of course, the bucket must be made of a decent thickness plastic, and MUST have a screw on lid that is as water tight as possible. Lowes and Home Depot both carry them, But $15 for a bucket and lid is too much.
  6. I didn't realize they were such a bad word around here until I saw the replies and dug a little deeper. I guess thats what the forums are for!!!! I'll just refer to them as QR Codes from now on.
  7. I am aware, but the final is going to be a large 5 gallon bucket, filled with GOOD stuff, and at a very nice location. Its small waterfall that you can see from a trail, but as you get closer tot he waterfall, you realize it goes up much much higher and get bigger and bigger as it goes. Its quite spectacular. I cant beleive there isnt already a cache there to be honest.
  8. The first stages would be QR codes, that are readable by any QR software (including Munzee). The first stages would be located WITH Munzees, but not actually BE Munzees. If that makes any sense. I see it has having 2 QR Codes. One of them being the Munzee, the other being the coords to the next stage, which may or may not be another Munzee.
  9. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just put the coords to each stage on the back of each Munzee then?
  10. I'd like to place a multi-cache in my area. In order to get the final coords, you'd have to find several munzees. Is this permitted?
  11. Or perhaps, explaining it this way wpuld be even easier to understand. Lets say I walk multiple trails in a day, and have them all marked as one trail. Is there a way to split them apart into several trails so I can mark them individually? That way I can color code the trails. Bluebird trail is blue, Cardinal trail is red, Woodpecker trail is yellow, etc...
  12. I can also explain it this way. Lets say I have a path marked A,B,C,D and E. All of the points, when connected together make an arc. Now lets say I want to edit out points C and D so now when the points are connected, its as if I never walked there at all, creating a ^ shape.
  13. I have a Magellan GC and a Magellan Explorist 500. Both have the ability to mark my trail as I walk. Once I get home, I open the .gpx file in Google Earth and I am able to see the trail I walked. Here's where I start to get confused. I am unable to figure out how to edit the actual tracks. For example, lets say I make a wrong turn, how do I edit that out of the file? I see all of the waypoints in the list, but deleting it just removes the pinpoint, not the actual "line" that shows I walked there. Its as if I need to edit the trail, not just the pinpoint. Any ideas? By the way, I am planning to do this for a local park in our area that has very outdated and hard to read maps.
  14. GCVote is close enough to what I had in mind. After browsing the forums again, I spotted the "other" thread about this topic. I apologize.
  15. Also, the average star ratings would be listed near the difficulty and terrain on the main cache listing.
  16. Sorry if it's already been discussed, but I didn't see any posts within the last 3 or 4 pages regarding this, and I am very surprised it hasn't already been brought up. How about a 1 to 5 star rating for the cache for the finders to log on the cache page. You'd only be able to rate a cache if you found it. You'd be able to rate the cache in several different categories such as uniqueness of the location, how muddy you're likely to get, how much bushwacking you have to do, etc... I see a lot of cache owners request "let me know what you think of my cache" in their descriptions. This would help them out, and also help improve the quality of caches. It would also promote better logs on the site. Instead of just a "TFTC" you'd get more "I'm rating this a 5 for on the wetness scale because it was in the middle of a lake" or "I'm gonna give this a 3 on the likely to see snakes scale because we saw a snake".
  17. All properly placed caches should have their cache ID# written on the container, or AT LEAST the logbook. If not, then check the logbook for a name you can read, then contact that member on the website. It is possible it's not a geocaching.com cache though. It could be from another site somewhere.
  18. Mind if I ask where? I'm still trying to find the rechargeable battery that fits my Explorist 500. Anyone?
  19. I use CacheBerry for paperless geocaching and if you're not a Verizon customer, you could use a GPS type program to use it for geocaching. I've never liked using a phone for geocaching, but I think some have and like it. I would rather use equipment that was designed for the task. Not sure about which program that will work on a Blackberry and it's GPS for caching though. Yup, I have Verizon. I do know the built-in GPS is designed for long distance travelling on roads, not short distance on trails. I would bring my regular GPS with me for the first few just to be sure my Blackberry is up to the task.
  20. I just recently got my Blackberry Curve, and I've had my Premium Membership for a year or so. How can I make the best use of my Blackberry for caching, and how can I make the best use of the site using my Blackberry? Being that the Blackberry's are really coming down in price, have a built-in GPS, and have web browsing built-in, I can imagine this being a hot topic. Maybe someone would be willing to post a how-to with step-by-step instructions?
  21. How do you remove the parameter?
  22. I've tried every possible paper layout, orientation, margin setting, paper size, etc... for 3 different printers. The results are identical to the original image. Heck, I'm not even on the same computer anymore, and I still have this issue!!! Being that several people are having this issue, I don't think its related to a browser, printer, layout, or anything like that.
  23. I've given up. The "print with no logs" option looks better to me anyways.
  24. I'll be putting it in a cache I plan to place soon. I'll just use it as FTF prize.
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