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Fox & The Hound Coins


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I got my Fox & the Hound coin today and I must say I'm displeased with it. The design is still phenomenal (which is why I bought one), but the actual coin leaves something to be desired. Nearly the entire fox is covered with a thin layer of paint. It's not enough to keep the metal from being seen, but there's an obvious opaque covering. However, a section of the foxes snout IS totally covered by the paint. It's more like a pug, now. :)


Additionally there are numerous areas where the paint is covering up parts of the text. On the back, parts of the bone and fox paw suffered the same fate. It's almost as if they hired someone with a severe case of arthritis to paint them... Oddly enough the hound got away unscathed. The coin is also quite light. Not exactly the quality I would expect for $10.13.


Anyone else get a Fox & the Hound coin with these problems?

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This issue has been brought up by the Seller and we have agreed on a corrective action plan for any coins which are not up to our quality standards.


If your Fox & the Hound coin has production flaws in the coin, please return them to the return address on the label or email info@geocoinclub.com for instructions.


We are re-minting replacements. You will receive a replacement in the mail along with a $1.00 credit per coin.


The re-minted coins will be of a slightly different design per the Seller's direction. They will have soft enamel on the fox and hound side, and will be a shiny gold plating.

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I really like the design of the coin, but both of the ones I received have problems:


(1) The metal finish is scratched and dinged in several places on both sides.

(2) The enamel has splotches of something on it in places.


I've already disposed of the mailer the coins arrived in, so I sent e-mail to get return and replacement instructions.


Thank you for being on top of this issue.

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To point 1 - yeah we should have checked them more closely before shipping. It's embarassing that the flaws were only discovered after shipping to everyone but that bell can't be unrung so we're working to do what we can.


To point 2 - yes, we use a single supplier at the moment. This coin came on the unfortunate "tail" end of when we were whipping said supplier over quality. You can see the improvement in the CITO coins, unfortunately the corrective actions were not in place for this coin yet.


Some coins look great, some don't. As stated before - we stand by the coins and while chagrined that we have this situation will do what we can to set things right.

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