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Nitro Tubes And A Log?

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If anyone has used one as a micro, how the heck did you get a log in there that can be accesable to those who find it? Got a great idea to use a nitroglycerine (sp?) tube :( but not sure how to make the log sheet??? Thanks for the help. :(


You're talking about the little metal nitro pill containers? The ones that are all over the place with 1" wide strips of paper as the logs?


If so, then I'd suggest using a scissors to cut a piece of college ruled notebook paper into 1" wide strips...


The whole trick to getting the log inside is to roll it up tight and stick it in the cap first, not the tube.


I thought someone with hundreds of finds would have experienced hides of this nature somewhere along the line, so perhaps I've misinterpreted your question? Or is that what you really wanted to know?


(There are micro-log templates you can print out that are a little fancier, I'm sure someone knows where you can find them online, but I don't use them so I don't know where)

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This is a Bison Tube:



This is a Nitro tube, Pics do NOT show scale. Nitro tube is about half as small as a Bison tube.


Hope this helps.




I thought someone with hundreds of finds would have experienced hides of this nature somewhere along the line, so perhaps I've misinterpreted your question? Or is that what you really wanted to know?


Yep, been there, done that!

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You could do something similar for any of these - I first thought of the technique and used a dowel in the cap of a match case. Then I modified that design to use a hollow tube as the spindle - that way a pencil actually goes inside the tube.




As an experiment, I took an inner capsule from one of those pill fobs, glue a rare earth magnet on one end, drilled a hole throught the cap and bonded a nail in the cap to serve as the spindle for a log scroll.


This could work on your nitro tube and other male-threaded caps, but you would have to drill down the center of the screw.

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Ooh! Ooh! That's excellent! Where can I get those? :(


And I dunno, I think part of caching is being able to figure out how to get to the log. We carry "log extraction tools" with us, such as skinny forceps and/or a hemostat, very handy for such tasks.

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Ah, those kind of nitro tubes... around here we call small silver bison tubes nitro tubes also, cause they are marketed and sold that way. I did find one of those skinny nitro tubes like you're talking about a few times. Getting the log in and out is a real pain. Log actually gets destroyed pretty quick because it's such a tight fit. All you can do is use very little paper and roll it up really, really tight. No easy way to do it, as far as I know.

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A while back, someone suggested using a wire paper clip for this. Basically, you would straighten out the clip and bend one end back on itself. Wrap the log around this end tightly and tuck it under the bent piece. Then, bend the other end at a ninety degree angle and cut off the excess, close to the bend. Top remove the log, you just use your pen to pry out the clip.


I've never tried it, but it sounds like a possible solution.

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Cash register tape.

Cut a strip 4 to 8 inches long from the roll (expermintation with your cache container will show you the optimum length.)

Roll tight. like rolling up a wall poster, just much smaller.

Slip rolled log into a soda straw that is cut a little shorter than the width of the "log book"

If there is excess log for the container, just snip to length with scissors.

My experience is that some cachers cant figure out how to get the log back in the straw so they CITO the straw, roll the log and put it back in.

Using the straw will let it fall out of most containers.

Try rolling some at home and let them sit for a day. After taking them out of the straw the paper will expand but maintain the rolled shape. It makes it easier to roll tight again

I actually made several and stuffed them in my cache bag. They don't take up much room. I can drop them in a cache that has log book "problems" so other cachers will have something to sign.


I was shown a neat "wrist flip" that extracted a micro log. I'll have to remember that next time I run across one and try it myself.

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I have a tiny micro on deck when I find a good spot this spring... my suggestion is to use something with a SMALLER diameter than your intended bison tube or whatever. Make your log sheet now, roll it up, and stick it in the smaller diameter thing, a straw, a .22 shell, vicegrips, what-have-you. Then leave it someplace safe until you decide to hide your tube. Then put it in at the last minute and it will be fairly easy to go in and out. I went as far as to put a wire bent ingeniously so the finder could pull it out easily. Anyways. Still have yet to hide it. Just my suggy.


ps: my local REI (Folsom, CA) has a vast assortment of BISON type containers, aluminum, in various anodized colors, sizes and shapes.

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