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It's hard to know what's the best. I usually start with the stuff that's rolling around in my head -- that part usually takes a long time! Then, because I can't draw a lick, I move to the computer. For what I'm working on now, I've been using Paint Shop Pro, as I usually do. I suspect Photoshop is often used, but it's pricey, and I'd rather spend my $$ on geocaching stuff.

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Just wondering. Whats the best software out there to use to do prelim coin designs?


For prelims, Like Hula Bum said, you can't beat good ole pencil & paper.


Scratch out a few ideas until you get something you think will look good. Mind you don't have to be able to even draw well to do this, but it will get you started in the right direction.


If your the type that can't even draw stick figures with a ruler then you can use one of the cheaper (or free) graphics programs available at various places online.


CLIPART!! This is probably one of the best resources for non-artistic types. Various graphics programs come with a collections of clipart to use in your designs. They are also available all over the web.


GOOGLE!! The "image search" function on Google is probably one of my most used resources for IDEAS when I'm coming up with a blank slate.


Pick a few keywords for the theme you are wanting to do and see what comes up.

Adding the word "clipart" or "logo" to the search words you are using will usually give you images that are more simple and bolder.


Word of caution: Use the images you get on the search as an tool to get your creative juices flowing, NOT AS AN ARTWORK RESOURCE. By using the artwork you may run into copyright issues.

See what colors people are using for that particular theme, how they use the images in their layouts, pull elements from different designs to create your own.

IE: I like that font in this design, but the colors in that one, and the style the frog is drawn is the way I'd like the one on my coin to be.


But getting back to the original question, like I said above "Pencil & Paper" is gonna be your most easiest & affordable option to get you started.


If you get the idea you want down on paper, then just scan it or take a pic of it with your digital camera to submit it to the coin maker and their artist can go from there! ;)


D-man ;)

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The best solution is probably any friend who's better at software than you are B) Seriously, I use Photoshop, Illustrator and 3DStudioMax. No matter what I design it in though, it always starts as a sketch on paper (usually napkins). Crayons are particularly good (seriously) because almost all art ends up needing to be line art if you're using enamel colors. So sketch it out and make photocopies to fill in different colors. Kids coloring books are also a surprisingly good source for stylistic drawing that would work great for coins. Also look at tatoo art that uses the same base of color-filled line-art. The folks at most of the minters seem to be pretty good at getting what you're looking for so just get a good concept and let them worry about the details. B)

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Kids coloring books are also a surprisingly good source for stylistic drawing that would work great for coins.


Hey! Thanks for reminding me!! :mad:

I've gotten so used to using my computer clipart and Google images that I had totally forgotten about using them.


I used to use coloring books all the time when I worked for a Tshirt company.

Our main customers were school groups and kids age ball teams.

We always kept a supply of $1 Store coloring books on hand to create crisp clear clipart for our designs when we couldn't find anything in our clipart collection.


Do a search on Google for "coloring pages" and you will find a LOT of resources for free online printable pages to use!!

Plus you can print out a few and let your kids color while you create your coin design!! :mad:


D-man :)

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I start with a quick pen drawing (not at all pretty) then head on line to google images and find pieces of my idea in different photos. Program of choice at the moment is Photoshop2. I have used Corel Draw and Paintshop pro. Once i get it to what i want i send it to the manufactur's art person to finalize and draw based on my photoshop.


Great idea about coloriing pages!!!!!

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