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Garmin Rocks

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I wrote garmin the other day to ask them how to buy a replacement for the little belt-clip lock knob I had lost for my 60cs - here is their reply...


"Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will be happy to help you with this. I can do better than that! If you will reply to this email with your:


Full Name




Phone #


I will send you another "button" at no charge."


Now, I don't suppose they'll do that for everyone, every time. I have in fact heard that they sell them for $5. But I just thought I'd post this experience - I wouldn't hesitate to post a bad experienece so I thought I'd give them a pat on the back for excellent service.

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Look at it this way (apologies to Mastercard or Visa or whoever)


Belt Clip knob thingy- cost to Garmin, probably around 50 cents.


Postage, packaging and handling- around $1.25 if that much.


Seeing this on the forums, knowing the good will it creates for Garmin, and the customer base it will add-priceless.

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I have found Garmin to be a very good company to deal with. I have had a quirk problem with my 76CS and have been in contact with tech support for 6 or 7 month about it. To make a long story short after I FINALLY figured what circumstance was causing the problem and passing that information along to tech support Garmin offered me a free mapping software program for all my time spent trying to figure it all out. Great company to deal with and very good customer support.


team sidewinder

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I also have had great experience with Garmin. I ordered two 60 CXSs. One for my Dad and one for me. I had contacted Garmin with questions about the unit. After about 10 minutes of conversation and having all my questions answered politely, the tech who had taken care of me sent me two car adapters for free. I know the CSX units are expensive and I feel that they should come with better software or some type of accessories. I bought the units knowing that I was only going to get just the units. Hats off to Garmin and many, many thanks for their gift and great tech support I have recieved.

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Well I got a freebie too - my new Legend CX came with a 64 meg microSD chip in it rather than a 32 meg. Maybe they were out of the 32 megs when it was assembled. Anyway it's like finding a tiny surprise cache! Thanks Garmin. :laughing:

I recently bought a used 60C from a member of this forum. I called Garmin last Friday and asked why I couldn't put the maps from my City Select NT to the 60C. They advised me that the 60C only Takes City Select v7....not the NT. They sent me the City Select v7 DVD for Free with an unlock code. FREE, even overnighted it UPS to me, I had it when I got home from work on Monday. Imagine that!


Garmin does indeed ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Garmin! I can Autoroute with the best of em now!

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Well I got a freebie too - my new Legend CX came with a 64 meg microSD chip in it rather than a 32 meg. Maybe they were out of the 32 megs when it was assembled. Anyway it's like finding a tiny surprise cache! Thanks Garmin. :laughing:


Thanks for that. My wife and I just checked our Legend Cx's and they have 64M cards too

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I had a similar experience with their customer service as well.


I sent them an email inquiring about the differences between v2 and v3 of the 24k National park Topo software, to see if it was worth the upgrade. After a detailed explanation, he said to reply back with my address and he'd send me a copy of the new version. Apparently you are allowed to make one personal copy so that was his justification.


I thought it was very nice for the guy to burn his one and only copy and give it to me at no charge. Thumbs up in my book. :laughing:

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I ordered a car charger for my vista a couple of years ago (three pin slide) but they sent a usb type for GPSMAP 60. When I contacted them they said keep the charger, we'll send you what you originally ordered.


now that I have uprgraded to a GPSMAP 60Csx, I"m finally able to use the USB charger!

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I have a RINO 120, and broke the screen (dropped a devil gnome on it accidentally, but still my fault) and called to ask how much it would cost to get fixed, and it was free! I had to pay to ship it there, but they fixed it and paid to ship it back to me - when it was my fault! They also sent me an additional neck lanyard cuz I was asking about getting one!!! They overnight shipped it to me. So I figured in the end with fixing the screen, the free lanyard, and shipping both seperately, it was probably $40 to $50!


Garmin is a darn good company, and you'll never hear a bad word out of my mouth about them!

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I also had a great experience. I lost my City Select CD and an important file became corrupted. I couldn't load maps for a trip I was going on. They overnighted me a new disk and gave me instructions on how to replace the corrupted file. I was happy!

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