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  1. Thanks for the Information. The Coords are N 35 03.049 W 109 48.276 Accuracy 17' North of interstate 40 about 20' from the road side, east side of Petrified Forest Rd. Also, this disk is about 250' south of what would have been the old Route 66 rd along the straight part of the road.
  2. I spent the day in the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert in Arizona. I spotted a survey disk on the side of the road. I have tried to find out information about this disk. The disk is marked US DOT FHWA Denver Colorado. I know it was placed sometime after the mid 1960s. Also marked on the disk is PT 1199 + 9694 and the number 50. I thought the Identifier was PT 50 but I could not find any info on that ID. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have a good pic but can't figure out how to upload it to the forum. Thank you.
  3. There have been a fair number. See this thread, and this one, and this one. I haven't seen anyone who has reported this problem say that they have found a permanent fix. Someone who contacted Garmin about this problem was advised that if it happened more than once, they should contact Garmin for an exchange. That's my recommendation to you. I posted the same problem about a month and a half ago. Garmins replay was a power surge which caused the eprom to loose its software. This happened twice in a week. I loaded the software twice and haven't had a problem since. I no longer have the email or I'd post it. I was also told by a geocacher that if you press the find button before the SATs are aquired that you could lose the software. I hope this helped.
  4. Are you talking about the issue when your unit shows GPS SW Version 0.00? The unit says GPS SW version 0.00. The unit loses the firmware which is 3.00. Dumping software doesn't always mean downloading. I have had this unit and one other for about 3 yrs and haven't had any problems until now. I have spent 45 minutes on the phone waiting for tech support before I was disconnected. I will try again tomorrow.
  5. My 60 Csx Has dumped its firmware twice in two weeks. Does anybody know if these units have an internal battery to hold the firmware memory? My next move is to call Garmin.
  6. Thanks for the graph. It is pretty interesting to see the age and percentages as more people vote. Now for the next question, Male or Female? I suspect, mostly males. Yabba! Dabba! Do!
  7. Thank You. I will post when the cache wakes up and the TB is on the move.
  8. Just one more thing to add, The unpublished cache has been that way for several weeks. Thanks
  9. I have a TB named Emb 120 Flap roller (Id# TBPXZE). The TB was placed in a cache called "Descent of Cache Generator". When I check on the TB in my accounts, it shows the TB placed but when I access the cache, the web page says that it can't be viewed until it is published. I have emailed the girl that has placed it and Groundspeak to try and get an answer. I have not had a reply yet. Does anybody have any ideas on what has happened and how I can get my TB back. I have asked for the cache location. Happy Hunting. WILMA!!!! WHERES MY BOWLING BALL!!!!!
  10. No. I loaded maps on a transflash for my 60 csx and then took the card and installed it on my dads 60 csx and the maps did not work
  11. Red, are you sure you're sure? That would mean a fellow could load cards for all his buddies GPSr's from his GPSr using only his unlock code. I would have thought Garmin's/NavTech's locking would be more tamper resistant than that. I think that if you load the card on your GPSr using your unlock code for that GPSr, that if you then take that card and install it into another GPSr, that GPSr would report 'can't unlock maps' or something like that. Can someone confirm? 8mmag, I cannot confirm, but I agree with you. I suspect that when maps are downloaded from Mapsource that a unit ID is sent with them and is checked when the unit is powered on.
  12. I also have an Avation background but not as a pilot. The best I can figure out is that the Barometric pressure is the actual pressure or ambient. I know, I know, the gps does say ambient but it is never close for me. The Ambient pressure on the garmin cxs models I believe is the pressure that it would be if you were at sea level. I know standard psi is 29.92 hg. That is set at 18,000' and higher for flight. I am looking at my gps and Baro reads 29.70 and i am in the middle of a thunderstorm in NE Ohio. My alt is 1,167'. Ambient psi on my gps is 28.47 hg. I would think that if I could descend 1,167' I would be at sea level and both readings would be the same. This is only my the theory. I have not asked Garmin either. The owners manual doesn't really explain the differences. Give my theory some thought and see if you come up with the same answer or at least something similar.
  13. 40 mph and below my 60 csx is the same as the speedometer. Above 40, the mph is changes. GPS shows 60 and speedo shows 58. GPS shows 72.8, speedo shows 70. Chevy s-10. My Monte SS is correct up thru legal speed and some illegal speeds.
  14. I cracked my screen and Garmin replaced it for $35.00 plus shipping. I had a screen protector on the screen. I slid down a hill in the snow while caching and hit a rock. That was 2 months ago. If I would crack or scratch it again, I'd fix it myself. There are six screws that hold the unit together. $175 is a lot. I would try to find a micro mesh kit to buff the plastic. These kits are used on aircraft windshields and ragtop plastic windows on convertables. Good luck
  15. Yes your computer will auto route even without an mapping gps. I don't believe the metro software will autoroute on your laptop. You will need City Select or City Navigator. I use City Select on my laptop with a gps 18 and my 60 csx. It works pretty well. I am very pleased with the software and gps. I hope this helps you. The extra money for the software will be well spent if you travel alot. The autorouting and recalculating is quick and nice.
  16. Sure. I have done caches that were 100' off. I will do a cache that is 30' off then the next cache will be 3' away. I have used Magellans and Garmins. They both seem to do the same thing. The Magellan 210 I used seem to be the closest most of the time for caching. The Garmin 60 Csx is great for auto routing and is not to far off either. My observation is only a couple of feet difference. I do use my 60 Cscx more since the Magellan 210 is a friends gps. I also have a Magellan 315 that is 7 yrs. old. There is no comparision to the new gps units. You can always seek out a benchmark to check you accuracy also. Good luck and happy hunting
  17. If you want to use NRoute you need to go to Edit - Preference - Routing - Use auto routing. This is if you are going to use your computer to route. I am not sure if Nroute will route with MetroGuide. I know the mapping gps will not route correctly with Metro. Good luck!
  18. I'll buy the maps if you take me with you. Been to Hawaii 3 times but its been 13 yrs since our last trip. I want to do a travel bug with my two sons pictures and its destination will be Maui. I want to find it one day when I get to go to Hawaii again. Enjoy. Aloha!!! I know, I know, a little off the subject.
  19. Hard wiring to the battery would be the best thing along with an inline fuse. Knowing the power consumption of each unit is a must to figure the power (current x voltages) or to find the current (power or watts divided by voltage), ohms law. The current draw will dictate the fuse size and also the wire size. It is important to use the right gauge wire. If the gauge of the wire is to small it could catch fire. Even if there is a fuse inline. Remember the higher the gauge number the smaller the wire. A 30 amp fuse may require a 10 gauge wire. I hope this helps along with the rest of the responses. Happy Hunting.
  20. I had sent an email on Sunday 3-26 to Garmin with a few problems I had when I updated my 60 Csx to the beta software 2.62. I received an email Monday 3-27 that the information was being passed on. Passed on to where, I don't know. Tuesday 3-28 I received a call from Garmin. Garmin is sending me a new unit next day air. Garmin wants to test the unit to see if they can figure out why it did what it did. The Garmin units auto-route wonderfully and has great sat reception. I didn't really think I was going to hear from Garmin. I was just hoping that the info I passed on would help in software development. While companies try to find ways to cut cost and offer horrible customer support, out of country support with horrible english skills, Garmin continues to offer its customers with quick, polite and accurate information. Fortune 500 companies take note. Willmmmmaaa!!! I'mmm getting a new GPS!!!!!!!!!
  21. I loaded the gps coordinates in my gps after changing the format and I was almost to the foot to my front door. The coord. were correct.
  22. I spoke with Garmin tech support on 3-8-06. I was having a problem with my 60 Csx map page locking up as I got closer to a Cache or waypoint but the distance in a data field would change as I got closer of further away. I had asked if Garmin monitors the forums for problems with their products. The answer was NO. Tech support strongly suggested that if there are any problems with their products they would like to have an email sent or a phone call to inform Garmin of the problems. So as we gather that Garmin is aware of a problem, we might be wrong. Or, if Garmin only receives a couple of complaints about a problem they may not look at it as hard as if they were flooded with the same complaint. I was informed not to call on Monday or Fridays and also not to call between 11:00 am and 1:00pm (Central time) because the tech support teams are broken up for lunch breaks. I have had good luck when I call early in the morning (9:00 Eastern time.) If you feel you have a problem, concern or suggestion with a unit please call and inform Garmin. Good luck and happy hunting. WILLLLMMMAAA Wheres mYY GPS!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. I see that somebody really does read these threads. Yes I did get Garmin to eliminate my GPS 18 code in CS 6.0. I was told by a Garmin Tech that as long as installed my two 60 CSX and not use my GPS 18 when I installed the CS for the first time that I would be able to use the two unlock codes for the 2 CSX. This was not the case when I installed CS 6.0. I only had one unlock code left so I called Garmin and the tech I talked to the second time had to verify that the first tech told me I could use the two codes for the 60 Csxs. They deleated the gps 18 in there mainframe and manually installed my second 60 Csx unit serial number. Much to my surprise my GPS 18 still works with the CS 6 but not with CS 7. The CS upgrade does not come with unlock codes. It uses the unlock codes from the 6.0 since the 7.0 is just an upgrade. I did ask about purchasing another unlock code and I was told it would be about $140.00 or the full price of CS 7. I do have a friend who had an Ique, 76 cs and an etrex. Then he bought a 60 csx and sold his 76 cs and Ique. He talked with garmin and they did issue him one more code for one unit. The Ique was eliminated but the 76 cs still was fully unlocked with CS 7 even thou he doesn't own it anymore. The map and code goes with the unit. The moral of the story is that it can be done. It just depends on the garmin tech and how much leeway the tech feels he or she has. The Tech I talked to name was Karvette. But like I stated, she had to verify the situation I was in and told. Good luck. I hope Garmin helps you. They have been pretty good with me so far.
  24. If that was the case then when I retrieve my codes from Garmin's web site the codes would show up. The only codes that show up is for my two 60 Csx units
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