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  1. Been looking at a 260 as a gift for a non-cacher. Now Garmin is coming out with the 255. Seems identical in features. What makes the 255 'better'?
  2. Given that you would have to connect the GPS receiver to a data-delivery service, you would have to attach the GPS receiver to a cell-phone or something similar. So what you want already exists. It's called VZ Navigator in the Verizon Wireless world. http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/turnbyturn.jsp There's also a Sprint version. http://www.nextel.com/en/solutions/gps/navigate.shtml And others. hmmm. Are the maps on the Verizon or Sprint versions as detailed as City Navigator? And can you save maps to your phone so you don't have to be in cell phone range to use them?
  3. I should have said having TBs specifically, not caching as a whole. I've got two coins that I've had for a year, still haven't left them in a cache yet. I just figure that they will either A. disappear B. get discovered endlessly C. their numbers put on one of those printed sheets that gets passed around parties or D. all of the above. grrrr
  4. I have a TB that sat in a TB hotel for months, perhaps a year! And once in awhile, I'd get a 'discovered' notice for it. What is the point?
  5. I would imagine so, but I wanted to ask here anyway.
  6. I use City Navigator and love it. But the maps are about 2 years old, IIRC, by the time each version comes out. Why not, instead, have a map 'service' that you subscribe to, and which downloads updates to your GPS unit. If you needed a certain place, say, Vermont, in your GPS, you connect to your PC, it connects to the service, and you get the map you need. Up to date and current. Or - have your GPS recieve the maps via wireless, just as it recieves signals from the satellites. Just a thought or two...
  7. I have a car charger from Gomadic with a tip for my Verizon XV6700 phone. I noticed that it has the same kind of plug on the end as the connector on the back of my Garmin Legend CX. Would I ruin something by trying to see if this will power the Garmin?
  8. I'm thinking maintenance shouldn't be too much - the cache should only be accessible by boat. But if you hae some suggestions of who might be willing to help with maintenance I'm all ears. ;-)
  9. I don't have the exact coords for the island - yet. But it would be around 35.1928°N, 84.4511°W (NAD27) on topozone.com.
  10. Anyone here from the East Tennessee cachers groups? I would like to place a cache on the Hiwassee River on one of the islands in the kayakable/float tube-able section. It would have goodies for kids and be only accessible by boat. I would secure it so it would not float away in a flood. I want to know if this is allowable in the rules.
  11. I just got a cachemate registration number. Where is the 'registration dialog box ' to put my registration number in? I don't see one on my PDA when I open cachemate (I'm on an old Sony Clie). ?????
  12. Got it yesterday. I dunno why but it removed my geocaches from my map. ??? I found this out when I tried a quick cache run yesterday. They weren't showing up as icons on the map... also the one I was looking for wasn't in my GPS even though I'm pretty sure it was before. Weird. Anyway, will reload caches and give 'er a try.
  13. ah, then, I suppose I got my answer then - NO.
  14. Read a snippet of a rumor of this in another thread. Is Garmin coming out with any new GPS models for Christmas?
  15. Yes! I will do it! It is a good idea. Will someone please try ibycus's suggestion? There are lots of references in this thread about being 30-50ft off when standing over a cache, but caches are terrible locations to judge the accuracy of your receiver. First, caches are often in less than prime locations for satellite reception. You have canopy and multipath issues. Second, you're comparing your receiver against the cache hider's, which could be flaky itself. You don't know how long the person averaged the cache coords, or if they did so at all. It's also possible that the cache may have migrated away from the posted coords over the months. When you compare the coordinates on your GPSr against those for an adjusted benchmark, you're comparing against coordinates that were obtained by professionals using survey-grade GPS equipment and postprocessing. If you tell Garmin that you compared the coordinates on your GPSr against the coords for an adjusted benchmark, that you let the GPSr average for several minutes, and that it showed you being 50ft away from the benchmark, Garmin will have a hard time attributing the problem with the GPSr to operator error.
  16. Eh, went out tonight and was standing over a cache while the legend said I was 52 feet away. hmmm. I really think Garmin should step up to t he plate and give us a firmware or what-have-you fix.
  17. I've seen this before on my 60CSx...check that the microSD card i properly inserted. Mine came loose once and all I had was the basemap until I reinserted it properly. Good luck. Reseated the card and still no map, it was a good suggestion though. I reloaded the regions I wanted, no problems there. I guess the cause will remain a mystery
  18. One possibility: From your map page press menu, select "setup map" and press enter. From the map setup page press menu again and make sure that CN8 hasn't been de-selected. It should say "hide CN8". If it says "show CN8" than you want to select that and press enter. Edit: I just realized you said the unit is an "X" model, in which case the maps are on the card and none of what I said may apply. I just checked - CN8 is not showing up. Also I used 'delete' under the waypoints menu to delete the waypoints, and GSAK current version to load my new pocket query.
  19. This morning I cleared all of the waypoints out of my GPS and put in a new pocket query of locacl caches. I was going to hit a cache near work, selected it, navigate, on road (till I get there I use the on road mapping), and it didn't work. So I checked and my CN8 is no longer installed on my Legend CX. Is it normal for clearing waypoints to also clear your installed maps? PS the last time I used my GPS I used CN8 the whole time. This is the first time I've used it since then (4 days ago).
  20. Let us know how it goes. I have severe GPS envy over a 60CSX and really question my decision to buy the Legend CX sometimes. But I will say I used it with CN8 in Vancouver recently and I LOVE CN8, amazing.
  21. I keep getting the error, "Can't Init Com3" when trying to load caches off of my new windows laptop via gsak. How do I recitfy this... ????
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