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How Often Do You Think About Geocaching?

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I think about geo-caching a lot. I too have had dreams about it. The funniest caching dream that I have had was...I was out with my caching buddies and we were in a park. Each of us had our GPS and at different times we would yell I am zeroed out right here. It was getting confusing each of us in a different spot and each of being zeroed out,usually near a tree or a bush. Finally someone zeroed out at this tree at the same time they noticed a squirrel sitting there. It was also at that time that they noticed a bison tube was tied on the end of the squirrel's tail. It's the cache someone yelled out.

Here we are chasing this squirrel all over the park running into trees and each other. Unfortunately I woke up before getting the smiley.



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Addicted? Well yeah!! My momma didnt raise no quitters!!!

I love it when I'm bepoppin down the road, listinin' to my tunes generally not thinking of anything then Wham! All of a sudden I just KNOW where that darn cache is hidden that I couldnt find the 3 times previous! Haha..

We no longer have a kitchen table as it is now my cache building structure that is over run with odds and ends that are the componants of my ultimate cachers nightmare..well probably not but we can all dream, yes?

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Yes, I have to add my name to the constantly list. My husband is starting to say, "I'm glad you're into this, but I'm afraid there are some things that are being neglected elsewhere." I tell him I take our daughter with me. It's only because I have more finds than him and he wants me to settle down so he can catch up!


I dream about it too. Last night I had a dream (that seemed to go on for hours) that I was caching and I could see the cache, but couldn't get to it no matter how hard I tried. Woke up and thought, "Thank goodness that was only a dream!"

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Many times a day - every day!


If I am not thinking about geocaching, I am thinking about places I could hide a geocache. If I'm not thinking about hiding places, I'm thinking about containers. Not thinking about containers, thinking about what to put in the container. Thinking about puzzles...


RIght now my husband and I are helping to sort through stuff at my in-laws house - there is a trash bag, a goodwill box, a box for us, and a box for geocaching. :huh: <Good stuff coming out of the closets at their house>

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More than some in my family think is healthy. I things like, “Dad can’t we just go straight to the Zoo, “ or “ Do we really need to leave this early, or are you going to stop for a cache on the way?” Fortunately my older DD, likes geocaching and keep the family from ganging up on me.

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A major part of my job is writing and developing training materials for credit union employees. I once did a "find & replace" to look for the word "cache" and replace it with "cash" and came up with 62 changes in about 30 of my documents. Since then I created an AutoCorrect entry in MS Word to automatically replace the words for me as I type them. :P


In other words, I think about cashing...uh...caching waaaay too much! :)


I wouldn't want my boss to get the impression that I think about geocaching while I'm on the job - oh, gotta go - he's calling me to a meeting! :)

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