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Geocoin Tb's

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Coins and bugs are travelers not loot. Any responsible cacher should be able to pick up a traveler and pass it along from any cache to any cache. The cacher is under no obligation to put swap bugs or replace bugs. There are a lot more caches than bugs and if only people with a traveler could take a traveler from a cache, no one would ever take any travelers.


Lots of the bugs I pick up have an extra tag attached. The tags read something like, "This is a special item. Don't take it unless you are going to pass it along. It does not count as loot. ..."


I take a traveler whenever I see one. I make sure to pass them along.

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Hi, my name is person B and I'm an icon junkie. There I said it, let the healing process begin B)


I have done exactly what UOTrackers described, though it may not have been with the same cache. I typically check for TBs and coins for caches here in my area and if I see one holding a coin or other trackable that I haven't found yet I'll quite likely make a trip to the cache to retrieve it so I can score that icon on my profile page. When I do this I always place the trackable into another cache as soon as I can. For example when I grabbed a white jeep recently I didn't even bring it home. I grabbed it from cache A, wrote down the tracking number and dropped it in cache B on the way home.


Some folks play the game to get first to finds I play it to move travel bugs and score new icons. Do you consider the practice as I have described it above to be rude or unfair to others?

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I just didn't know that's why I asked. He's new, just like me. It's jsut surprised me that he's grabbed 2 coins form the same cache. I could have just as easily grabbed it, but It hought since I had already visited it, I should leave it for someone new. No big, i was just curous is all. Thanks for your input.

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In my opinion, as long as you are willing to keep the travel bug / geocoin moving toward its goal pick it up.


I've noticed that the geocoins that I've placed in caches don't tend to hang around long. They are often picked up within days - sometimes by a new visitor to a cache, at other times by a repeat visitor. At first I was a bit bummed that a repeat visitor came back for the icon; now I'm just happy that my TBs are moving. It's a bit more frustrating when the geocoins pass from person to person rather than from cahce to cache. Grabbing a coin doesn't add to its mileage (or it won't when the mileage gets fixed), and I really do mean for them to travel from cache to cache.

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I would be considered a Person B because I did this once. I moved a USA Geocoin from one Cache that I already visited to another one nearby. I did this for 3 reasons; to get credit for the find, to see which USA Geocoin it is, and to help it on its goal which was to visit as many caches as it can. Now I didn't take it from GC1234 (Mission Impossible Puzzle Cache) as there's never been a Geocoin that sat in there, I took it from a cache about 11 miles to the north of GC1234. I also did check out a KS Geocoin (The regular one) that made it into one of my caches to see it up close, I had to log it because of my encounter with it and to verify I held one, it look quite pretty and I am wanting to get one to own. :mad:

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I don't bother racing out to a cache to pick up a coin or travel bug anymore, but used to when the sport was fresh and new to me. As far as my own coins and bugs, I don't mind who picks them up as long as they are moved along to another cache... what I find annoying is people who keep JEEPS, bugs or coins for their own personal collections, (meaning ones that were activated and intended to be continued in circulation).

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For example: Person A drops off GCTB#1 in cache gc1234, person B picks it up. Later person C drops off GCTB#2 at cache GC1234 and person B comes back and picks IT up. Is it ok for person B to watch cache GC1234 and pick up any geocoin TB's that are dropped off there or is this bad ettiquette.

I'd say it depends on what this person does with the coins. If he drops them off in another nearby cache, that's fine. If he takes them home and keeps them forever, that's pretty sleazy.



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