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Got My First Cache...


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OffTheCuff found Going to the Library! (Traditional Cache)


This was my First Cache. :ph34r:


As my GPS arrived yesterday, I was rarin' to go this weekend. On a whim I took the GPS to work, after court I looked up Caches near my office downtown. Sure enough, there were a few there, and I decided to head out.


Since I go to the Library often, I was pretty familiar with the area, and found it pretty easily. Signed the log, and headed back to work to finish out the day.


So it begins.....

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Good for you. :ph34r:


Once you find all in that small circle around you, you will have to venture further and further away. It will consume you until you finally move out of contact with the "others". Remember to take water and some kind of space-packet food, just in case you wander too far to return in time... :ph34r:


Have fun!

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