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Watching Caches

Ghengis Jon

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Just a few of my reasons for watching caches:


1) it was a cache I really liked and I want to see other reactions

2) the owner isn't around any more and the "community" is helping with upkeep

3) I'm not sure if I want to visit the cache and want to see what others think

4) it's a traveling cache and I want to know where it is in case I want to seek it

5) it's a cache I helped hide and I don't get owner logs

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I watch my friend's caches in case he's out of town and some issue comes up with one of his caches that needs to be addressed right away. So far, that's never happened.


I also watch event caches that I plan on attending in case the owner posts an important informational message about the event.


I also watch some local caches that are in areas that park directors I've worked with have indicated have special considerations. So far, there have been no problems with the caches in these areas.

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I watch caches I like, caches I DNF'ed, caches I am thinking about doing soon. In Vermont in the winter it is nice to know if someone just did a cache that you are thinking about doing. I also watch caches that get a lot of finds in my area so I can see who's out there caching. The nice thing about Gmail is that you don't have to worry about filling up your inbox.

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I only skimmed the thread so if this was covered just ignore it. I watch caches that I think I might have compromised. There have been a few times when I thought we may have been seen, and at least one time when I KNOW we were. I watch the cache until someone else logs it. I'm not sure what I'll do if I am LTF (Last To Find) but so far it hasn't happened.

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I watch the ones I've DNFed, mostly to see if anyone else finds it. (Of course, I did one Sunday where I DNFed last August, and no one had found since.) Sometimes you get good hints that way...

I also watch a few of my brother's and one of my sister's caches.

As to whether I compromised a cache (think I only did that once), I can watch them on caches I've found.

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The ones i watch are the event caches that i will be attending, or its a cache that is difficult and i love reading the logs that people write about it.. or its a cache that i thinking of going after thats mostly why i watch them.. but now that someone metioned it, i might start watching the ones that were DNF for me and see if anyone else finds it.. that is a good idea!

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A lot of people like to watch the caches that require the logs to be tall tales or creative lies. After logging one of these cache's I've had someone from across the country who never visited the cache email me and comment on the story I told. Watching one of those caches is like getting a surprise short story in your inbox every time the cache is found. Great fun for all!

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In addition to almost all of the responses above, I have a couple of TBs that have been sitting in caches for quite a while (Aug 5 and Nov 30). I have the caches that they are in on my watchlist so that if/when someone logs a find and can see if they mention my TBs.


So far only one person has tried to find the one since Aug 5 and logged a DNF due to weather and difficulty. So I know my TBs are probably still there.

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I had one event on my watchlist because I was helping out with it and wanted to see who was coming, who was bringing what to the potluck, etc. and I didn't want to have to keep remembering to check the cache listing.


I'm currently watching this one because reading everyone's logs is so much fun and I didn't want to miss any!

We're also watching a few others just because we enjoyed doing the caches - they were extremely challenging in their own way - and I want to see what other people thought of it. Some of the DNF logs are especially fun to read, since many people are going through what we did when we went looking!

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I watch caches for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is I DNF'ed it and I want to see if someone finds it. Recently, I had a cache that I could not find for the life of me. I added it to my watch list and read the next three finds and one of them logged something that clued me in on where the cache was located. Sure enough, I went out the next day and found it right away. Another reason I watch a cache is because I want to see if someone took something I traded. every once in a while I put something in a cache that is unusual or cool and I like to read the comments on my swag <_< I also have a cache near my workplace that I can see from my window. I watch it because I see people finding it and I want to see who they are.

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