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Poisonous Plants


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Ok people, I have recently been to a few caches that were placed in very close proximity of poison ivy, ok one was sitting right beside the vine. I think some people need to remember what dormant Ivy looks like. How about posting some photos if ya got em so people can see what it looks like and stop putting caches on it or around it.798a3f66-4555-4dee-8507-aa6db4202ecf.jpg

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Hazards are part of the game. I think it would be great to compile pics of the local hazards so that cachers passing through the area (or getting outdoors for the first time in their lives) have a heads up. Maybe in a regional forum? Maybe on the regional club 'sites? But I tend to agree that navigating the terrain (including flora and fauna) should be the cacher's responsibility.


Curious: Since I don't live where poison ivy does...will it still getcha when it's dormant?

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Curious: Since I don't live where poison ivy does...will it still getcha when it's dormant?

Yeah it can but its much harder to do so. You get the rash from the plants oils not just touching the plant. This comes from breaking a leaf, even part of leaf, a stem etc. So in summer, there is more of the plant and more of it that is delicate enough to break easily. When its dormant its much harder to break the stalk and get to the oils. But if you do, yep, you can get caught by it. Really rare from what I know.



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The issue us that it can get you and if you put a cache next to a dormant vine, come spring there is no cache to reach because it will be covered with the vines and leaves. The big issue with it in winter is people breaking the vine or actually using it for firewood. It will break easily and looks like very dry deadwood, but if burned can act like mustard gas. If you get in the smoke, the irritant gets everywhere and heaven help you if you breathe it.

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No poison ivy here - we have poison oak instead. You CAN get it in the winter quite easily. Trust me on this one. :D


I was never super sensitive to it in the past but I got two really nice (?) cases of it once I started caching. I'm being much more careful now but I'll likely get it again. It seems that I'm much more sensitive to it now than when I was younger.


People are always going to place caches in areas where there is PO or PI. That's life. The darn stuff likes to grow in places that make great cache hides. It would be nice if more folks used the "Poisonous Plants" attribute on their cache pages though.

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Immune systems change and depending on which document you read everyone can become sensitive with exposure. Many stories of those that have never been bothered and then they have a reaction. Best to avoid and not tempt up to two weeks of very bothersome itching. I ran into some today that was still attached to broken pine bark sheets covering a cache, with the trusty Tecnu and a nearby water source all should be well.


One of the easily overlooked stages of growth are the shoots that are poking up from the forest floor, they look like nothing more than dead twigs sticking up through the leaf litter. Easy to break the twigs as you walk through the woods and they will not have developed the pubescent characteristic of the mature vines that have found something to grow against.

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Hi, I had to respond to this as I sit here reading forums with a large welt of Poison Oak/Ivy on my arm. Yeah, got a little carried away looking through leaves and digging around after a cache not too far from a creek. I'm in Georgia, and it's winter, so I evidently came across a root, Look Out For Fuzzy Roots, large or small. If you get into the stuff, and are sensitive to it, Here's the Plan:


First, if you are out caching and you think you got into some, there are small bottles of Outdoor Skin Cleanser designed for the removal of oils from Poison Oak and Ivy, just follow the directions, but for best results use within 2-8 hours of suspected exposure. I now have a bottle for my geo-pack.


Okay, if you did not realize you brushed up against the stuff and now you have it. There are a number of over-the-counter products, if not too bad, go for Caladryl lotion.


If you really got into the stuff, or if like myself you are very allergic, go to your doctor. Your doc will probably give you a dose pack of Prednisone. It will stop the reaction fast, and the itching that makes you crazy, and the weeping from the effected area. You take it for five days and then it usually is about gone. Fast itch and weeping relief. If it's hard to get to your doctor, go to one of those walk-in-doctor-clinics you find by a shopping mall, it worked for me.


I think it is kind for people placing caches to consider poison plants, stickers, thorns, bees, snakes, and small nasty creatures with bad tempermants and sharp teeth, but it's up to us to use our personal judgement and good sense. It's difficult to see Poison Ivy in the winter, so the person placing the cache may not even know of the plant being there if it's placed that time of year. But, I will keep the detergent with me, and use it next time if I have the least suspicion. Also, keep a small pack of sting eze around, just basic first aid stuff, BK

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I agree that people that are extra sensitive should be responsible enough to know what it looks like, but I don't believe the rest of us are obliged to plan our caches accordingly.

I agree, but why not be a good citizen and at least use the cache attributes to indicate the likelihood of hazards?


I live in a tourist area. In the summer, my caches get visits from cachers from all over the world. They may not recognize the local hazards. It costs me nothing to warn them about ticks and PI, or to let them know that they should not attempt certain of my caches at night. I am not responsible for their safety, but I want people to enjoy hunting for my caches--not have their vacations ruined.

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