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The Gas Geocoin


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I don't have any actual dates yet but I did learn that the GAS Geocoin is going to be arrving at the Geocoinstore sometime next week and will ship the week thereafter. I will post updates if I learn anthing else. I will add a new page to the http://www.geocachingalbertasouth.com website with the shipping information and a link to the Forum where the GAS Geocoin giveaway is being discussed. If you want to follow that promotion then you can see what is going on by dropping in here



There is no need to register foor the Forum but it is appreciated.

I gave away a block of ten GAS Geocoins to a group that is just starting out in Alberta South, they can use the geocoins in any fashion they see fit, it gives them a tangible tool and allows them to enrich the geocaching landscape.

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I got my GAS geocoins today, but I am not able to get the activation codes for either. Is anyone else having this problem with their GAS geocoins?


By the way, they look great. Thanks again for the great design.




I could not get my coin to activate either, nor did my e-mail to the "store" get a reply.

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The GAS Geocoin is finally complete and at this time I have the cash proceeds from the sale and 5 lbs of GAS Geocoins in hand, that is 125 geocoins. I started giving the geocoins away before I ever got them and will start shipping the coins I have already given away early next week. I am happy to report that the GAS geocoin sale actually made some money and all this money is also going to be used directly in the promotion of geocaching. Some of the money will be used to create laminated Geocoin Cards for each geocoin placed in a cache. I may make a similar card for the single coin giveaways. I have given several blocks of coins away in Alberta South on a "do with as you see fit basis". I have donated several to upcoming Alberta Event caches.

I am going to be placing all these GAS Geocoins in caches in Alberta South, this will take awhile!

I haven't stopped with either the single giveaways or the block giveaways but will turn my attention to caches soon for giving away the majority of the coins.


Enhance your chance of finding an orange dinosaur.

Cache in Alberta South this summer! :huh::huh::huh::D

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The GAS Geocoin arrived last Friday, we had a CITO event planned for Saturday and the week since then has been very busy. I did manage to package and ship almost all the geocoins I have given away so far, many of the packages were taken to the post office today. I made and included award cards for many of the single coin giveaways, these cards contain the Tracking Number and the Activation Code for the exact coin given. Activation codes have not been used but they cannot be retrieved from the geocoin club website more than once. The laminated cards are an additional memento of the coin and can be used to track or activate the coin as desired. Some single coins, all block giveaways or giveaways intended to be used as prizes did not receive these laminated cards nor have the activation codes been retrieved from the geocoin club website.

I have also purchased a block of 2006 CITO geocoins using funds earned from the GAS Geocoin sale. These 2006 CITO geocoins will be distributed to CITO's throughout Alberta. I have also used GAS Geocoin funds to purchase CITO tee-shirts, these will be going to the participants in Heavy Lift CITO. Here are some postal codes for the packages that are ready to ship or have been shipped, in one case I used a number that looked like a zip but I am not sure it is but it is part of the shipping address I have.


V1L 6X5

T0J 0Y5

T0J 0Y0


T7V 1C6

T1V 1K9

T3B 3W5

T2V 3S3





T6H 4N6


If you don't see yourself in there please let me know as I easily may have missed someone. :D:laughing:

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