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Found My First Cache Yesterday!


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My 6 yr old daughter got a magazine subscription to a kid's magazine called KNOW. I was reading her first issue about 4 days ago and found an article on geocaching. It lead me to here! Needless to say I am so intrigued by this.

I went yesterday to search for 2 caches. The first one I didn't find. I searched for 45 minutes and gave up. I headed to the second one and found it easily. That gave me the thrill of finding one to keep my determination up. I went back again last night with my kids J-11 yrs and B-6 yrs and we still couldn't find the first one. We then dropped off B at home and J and I went to search for a night time one. We got half way through, got the co-ordinates we needed but the GPS died and so did J's flashlight so we had to call it a night. Both J and I are now DETERMINED to find these caches and hopefully many more!!

It was a great experience for both us and great exercise. I slept like a baby. :antenna:

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We still have not found our first cache attempt - and that was almost 2 years ago. It was a multi cache with the final cache being a set distance at a specific heading from coordinates calculated from various points around a park on the opposite side of town. We found the coordinates, but we also found a snow and ice covered, rock strewen riverbank in the direction of the heading to go towards. All we found was frostbitten fingers and it took about 6 months before we even tried again. Luckily, our success rate has improved since then.


Some day I'll have to go back to that riverbank and see if I can locate the cache.

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I'm so addicted now that when I'm driving I'm looking all over the place imagining that there COULD be a cache hidden there! I stocked up on SWAG items and spent $30 and had to FORCE myself to stop buying. :P:unsure::PB)

Well then use your new found enthusiasm and start putting out some caches where there "COULD" be some. And you can use all that new swag to fill 'em.


I have found way more enjoyment in placing caches then finding them.


Glad to hear you are having a good time! :huh:

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I intend to put out some of my own caches but probably not for awhile. I really want to know the in's and out's of geocaching before I do. (not to mention the legalities of everything).


My brain has already scoured my house for cache containers! I also need to read up and see where there are caches already hidden in my area. I haven't quite read them all yet. :P

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